Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 291: Old Friends and REALLY Old Friends

I had a wonderful morning with my old friend KT. It was a perfect sunny day, blue skies, light breeze, and driving into Boston along the sparkling Charles River was a pure pleasure. We then meandered toward Concord, stopping at Orchard House, the setting of Little Women, where we both got a little teary. I've done the Orchard House tour four times now, and I enjoy it so much every time.

We also walked around Authors Ridge in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, paying our respects to Miss Louisa and her family, as well as Emerson, Hawthorne, and Thoreau; drove to Walden Pond and admired the sun glinting off the water through the trees; attempted to find Old North Bridge (unsuccessfully); accidentally trespassed and were frightened by a BEWARE OF DOG sign (that, we saw; the "No Trespassing" sign, not so much); and had a scrumptious lunch at Colonial Inn (Reuben and salad for me, roasted pear spinach salad for her). It was a perfectly splendid day.

And of course we got all caught up on Maud-L gossip. What would you do?

I attempted to drive her back to Boston from Lexington by following Mass. Ave. the whole way, but no go — Harvard Square stymied me. Still, between the two of us (one of us never having been here before), I was the better navigator of Boston, so that is something.

And then I came home and proofread the yearbook and program for Li'l Martini's graduating class and the final program for Mimosa's graduating class, and now I am blind.

Sexy Dancey Nancy's zumba class was awesome, and I am soaked through with sweat. She remembered what my favorite song of hers is ("Echa Pa'lante") and played it especially for me tonight, which made me so happy! And so sweaty! (I love that song and the routine we do, I feel like I'm in a salsa video. Or a dream sequence. It is hot.)

In the final acts of my day, I shall (1) do the dishes, (2) read another chapter of Mockingjay to Martini, (3) take a bath, and (4) jazz up my champagne-painted nails with some orange and black leopardy splotches; I'm running the manicure table at tomorrow night's picnic, and I want to have a wicked hot manicure of my own.

The dishes call!

—Lady C

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  1. I think you should also have mentioned The Shop at Walden Pond. While not the greatest laugh du jour, it was certainly the greatest irony.