Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 293: Chore Day!

An unexpected rite of passage: I declared that today was move-summer-clothes-to-the-forefront-and-winter-clothes-to-the-back-of-the-closet day, and Mimosa begged to do it by herself, rather than with me.

I should add that while this may well have been a sign of her burgeoning independence, it's also heavily due to the fact that I holler at the kids like a harridan during this particular chore; their drawers are so messy, the clothes are so crammed in rather than folded; "WE BUY YOU SUCH NICE THINGS!" I shriek, "AND NOW I KNOW WHY YOU ALWAYS LOOK LIKE A HOBO!"

Oh, it's a Norman Rockwell moment on so many levels.

But in any event, I let her do it and she did a great job. She now has an enormous pile of cast-offs destined for Big Brothers Big Sisters or some other worthwhile organization, a smaller pile of Mending for Mommy, and an even smaller pile of things with stains that had accidentally been hung rather than laundered, and she carefully pretreated each one before putting it in the hamper. I was very proud! And her closet and drawers are exemplars of tidiness. She remarked, "It was fun to see my old clothes!" What a good girl.

A worthy project all around. And now the poor get a cute hot pink plaid-capri-and-tank outfit, among other snappy numbers. Win-win!

In contrast, Martini groused and flung himself on his bed in high dudgeon, I yelled that he was selfish and ungrateful, then we commenced the project and got it done in 10 minutes. I asked, "Will we remember this next year?" and he sighed, "Probably not."

This week starts The Week of Serious Cleaning and Dieting Before Mom Gets Here, which will be fun, though, because of the closet project, I didn't make much of a start today. (And tonight I was out for five hours babysitting, which was total fun, and I read all my newspaper-like things that pile up all week. Tout un exploit!) Tomorrow I have church and a post-church brunch and possibly a dinner with girlfriends, but I hope to squeeze in some dusting and mopping, that kind of thing.

Other headlines of the day:
  • Martini's Class Night (graduation) has erupted in mass outbreaks of behind-the-scenes drama, many of which are playing out with me as audience — and I am not the Chair! Though the Chair has instigated at least two of the dramas, so — that's why she is not the dream audience. I am playing the role of Voice of Reason in this performance, I suspect. It all took a lot of time today. Very wearying.
  • I loathe our new accountant, who still hasn't filed our 2011 taxes; however, he did file an amended return for 2008, and we got a note from the IRS today saying that we are indeed getting $700 back in two to three weeks, and that is very nice. But still. File the damn taxes, buddy!
  • I wish I hadn't started reading The Red Book, because I'm hooked enough that I want to see how it ends, yet I don't like a single character. It's one of those four-friends-meet-in-college-and-reunite-20-years-later stories, and while I generally like those just fine (Class Reunion being my all-time favorite — I am totally Annabel), this one is more annoying than not. And yet I'm hooked. 
  • Today is my darling mother's 70th birthday. We talked for two hours, and I asked what her plans were; she said that she and Dad had already been to Sin of Cortez for breakfast, and then (I cracked up) they went to the thrift store and the 99-cent store. Keep livin' the dream, Mom. (I can't wait till she gets here!!)

Time for bed. I need to get up early to bake fudge muffins for the aforementioned brunch.


—Lady C

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