Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 296: Scrubbing Myself Thin?

Today I thoroughly cleaned the downstairs bathroom, which in theory, Husband cleans each week, but he misses a lot of areas. This room has a pervasive "wet bathroom" smell, which I did my best to eradicate; now it smells like "new shower curtain." I also pulled the sofa bed away from the wall (no easy feat, the thing weighs as much as a Volkswagen) and vacuumed and mopped underneath it — I am still haunted by the time I pulled it out for Mom, and underneath was a dead mouse.

And I dusted and vacuumed and otherwise deep-cleaned three whole rooms, which is at least a start. I also completely remade my hideous green sofa, using only a de-piller, small scissors, green nail polish, and a needle and thread. It looks almost new, if you don't look too closely. I told the children to treat it like it's made of glass, at least till Grandma arrives.

I seem to be reveling in gluttony and hard drink these days, so weight loss is clearly on the back burner.

More tomorrow, I'm off to catch the episode of Bunheads I missed.


—Lady Martha Stewart Chardonnay

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