Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 299: She's Here!!!

My mom is unpacking in my family room (the doors close, the couch becomes a fabulously comfy air bed, she's happy as a cricket) as we speak. The fourth thing she said when she saw me at the airport was, "You are so much thinner!", but she also didn't make a huge big deal of it (as in, "I am SO PROUD of you!," which would have irritated me to death — there are lots of things that I'd like my mom to be proud of, and weight loss is maybe 116th on that particular list), and it was very satisfying.

I'm so glad to have her here! My house isn't as clean as I wanted it, and despite my best intentions (and worst stomach flu) I didn't hit my 40-pound goal — but whatev. My mom is here, and we are going to have so much fun!!!

Also: I hosted a fancy lunch for four PTO presidents today. The food (mini proscuitto frittatas, Caprese salad, cranberry-pecan green salad, and fresh berry shortcakes) was divine, but three of us were still drunk from last night, so it was a tad . . . subdued. I need to space out my parties a little better.

Also: Mimosa and I saw a matinee of Rock of Ages, which was CRAPTACULAR!!!!! We adored it. If I didn't have to drive to the airport after, we would've stayed and watched it twice. The best Tom Cruise musical evah!!!!!

But I am thoroughly exhausted. Tomorrow I am going to sleep till noon.

Good night!

—Lady C

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