Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 300: My Glamour Girl

Mimosa got her hair blown out today in preparation for her graduation on Monday; she looks impossibly grown-up and glamorous and four inches taller. Her hair is already very long, but it's usually curly; blown out, she can almost sit on it. She is stunning. Her dad has been clutching his head and having fits of anxiety all afternoon, but you can't stop the motion of the ocean or the rain from above, Daddy-O! (We just watched Hairspray.)

Fun day — we did chores, of course, and Mimosa had karate, and Li'l Martini attended an archery birthday party for his friend Mr. Critic (he says he needs a bow and arrow now), and Mom and I did the thing we always do: sit down with a book (in her case) and the pile of papers she brought for me to look at (in my case) and a glass of wine apiece and then ignore what we're holding and talk nonstop for two hours. In the middle of our chat Brunie called to find out why we weren't at the theater with her to see Rock of AWESOME — my dingbat besty is still learning to read a calendar, God love her. But I was very glad to hear she wasn't dead.

Tomorrow is another crazybusy day, church and Father's Day and I'm hosting my third gathering in four days, but I am definitely feeling like I haven't been exercising enough, so I am determined to fit a long walk and some weight-lifting in there as well.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday will be nutcase bonkers, but after that . . . I am pretty sure I can exhale. We shall see.

Time for bed! I did get to sleep in this morning, till 9:30, but I've been yawning for the last hour. The Land of Nod awaits . . .

—Lady C

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