Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 301 (Week 43): So Much Wines

I'm looking at yesterday's blog picture, going, "Mimosa's blowout was just yesterday???" There is so much going on — that seems like days ago.

Today I got up early, bullied Martini into making a card and present for his dad (which he told me he'd done yesterday), tied a ribbon around my own present and wrote a card, and went with Mom to get bagels and cream cheese for Husband's nice Father's Day breakfast. Food, presents, fun. Then off to church! Also fun, introduced Mom around, solved a few problems, sang, prayed. Home to make a cake, put laundry away, shorten the straps on Mimosa's graduation dress, paint Mimosa's toenails. Called my own father, had a wonderful talk. (He's watching the U.S. Open and planning to have oysters for dinner; he may even dip a toe in the pool, which is almost unheard of, but it's 103 degrees in Chico, California.)

Started cooking around 3:30; made teriyaki steak tips, Grandma's Rice Dish, sauteed onions and peppers, and blackened zucchini, plus fresh orange cake for dessert. So delicious! Husband was gratified. Did the dishes, cleaned the George Foreman grill.

Then on to Party #3! Mom and I fixed trays of food and set out lots of wine, and all my guests got here by 7:45 and cooed over the beautiful table. This was the Auction Lessons Learned meeting, with the chairs of four major committees, plus the auction co-chairs, plus the sweet girl who will be PTO President during the next auction, who took many notes and looked frightened. Plus Mom, who seemed to enjoy it, as a former PTO President and current Library Treasurer herself — she is no stranger to these discussions. And it was hilarious, and the wine flowed and flowed and flowed. A good time was had by all.

But I am not going to do the dishes until tomorrow. I'm also not reporting my weigh-in, even though I'm only up a pound, which is shocking, given how much I'm eating and drinking and how little I'm exercising. I really did want to walk and sweat today, there just wasn't any time.

More craziness to come tomorrow — can't wait! Yeah.

—Lady C, livin' la vida loca

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