Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 304: Clap Out!

(No, this is not an anti-gonorrhea statement.)

A tradition at Dallin School is to "clap out" the departing fifth-graders on the last day of school (which was today). Somehow I missed Mimosa's three years ago, but Mom and I were there to see Li'l Martini, parading with his classmates through the entire school, as the little ones clapped in awe — and then the big guys came into the lobby where the parents were waiting with cameras, and they all looked so astonished to see us. It was a very cool and moving moment, and while I did get a little teary at last night's graduation, this was the moment that hit me hard.

My baby is done being a baby. I mean, he probably has been for a long time — but this made it especially vivid.

We went to Not Your Average Joe's to have a big celebration lunch, and we all drank fizzy lifting drinks and had a very jolly time and laughed a lot. Then Martini went off for a swimming date with a new church buddy, Mimosa took a long shower and sat in front of a fan with a new library book, Mom took her second nap of the day and then read the entire Joan Foster series (she's already polished off Little Women and The Secret Garden — perhaps I should mention that these are all rereads? She does read fast, though), and I did a biggish editing job and then started reading The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, which I didn't expect to love (it looks more romancey than I'd expected) but I'm kinda loving. I want to go read it in the tub now, but it's a paperback and I fear for its covers. (It's a library book.)

Because, my friends, it is freaking hot in Arlington, Massachusetts, today — in the 90s and humid, and I can only imagine what my steamy bathroom will be like. But I gotta take a bath; we just zumbaed (Mom came with me and actually shook her booty for a few songs! with a knee that needs to be replaced! I was very proud) and I am wet and stinky.

Tomorrow, the plan is to celebrate the official first day of summer with a trip to the beach! My mom has seen the Cape (well, Plymouth) but has never been properly introduced to the Atlantic Ocean, despite the fact that I've lived here for 26 years. (We're always busy doing projects when she comes! But this seems to be the no-project visit.) I'm psyched to show off Wingaersheek to her. We'll have fun.

Off to the tub. I do have a hardcover I could read . . . we'll see which wins out.

(Oh, the drama.)


—Lady C, "glowing" like the proper lady I am

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