Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 305: We've Got the Beach!

Happy Summer Solstice! Li'l Martini is exactly 11 and a half today.

Our morning was low-key and leisurely, as befits the first day of summer; we got what we needed for the beach and ambled to the car . . . not thinking about the fact that it's hotter than Hades, half of Massachusetts probably had the same idea, and while beaches are indeed great and vast, parking lots have a limited capacity. Which we realized when traffic slowed to a halt when we were still several miles from our destination: Wingaersheek Beach. AND, the sign on the side road read "Parking lot FULL. Residents only." It took us an hour, which we passed by playing ridiculous games, but I grew just a tad anxious and restive; I really wanted Mom to have a lovely Atlantic Ocean experience, as her previous and only dip in the A.O. was (what she describes as) the mud flats of Georgia.

So, as we sat (fortunately, in lovely a.c.), I came up with Plan B: Brunie! Brunie has access to a perfectly lovely beach in Beverly. And while it's not quite as user-friendly as Wingaersheek (I don't think I've ever made it to the water; it's very rocky and hurts my tender feet, and it's also some distance from the nice shady area where parents sit) it would do the trick.

But the hour passed, and lo and behold: there we were at the mouth of the parking lot! "Really?" I said to the nice burly Santa guy offering me a ticket, "there's a space for me?" "Sure!" he said. "That's how you got in!" "Oh! I love you so much!" I cried, and he winked and said, "I love you too. Kids, don't tell Dad." It was funny.

And it was a glorious beach day. Super hot, even by the water, but the cold cold ocean felt just right. And we drank icy Diet Pepsi and enjoyed crappy snack bar food and strolled along the shore and read magazines and took lots of pictures. It was simply delightful. And we're only a teeny bit sunburned.

I got home barely in time to change and head off to zumba — and I think I'm going to have a glass of wine with Mom before hitting the bath. I am sweaty and sandy and many other "attractive" things.

I continue to eat like a hawg, but at least I'm exercising. And my stress level has returned to "serene." All is well.

Many thanks to darling Brunie for agreeing to be our most excellent Plan B!!

Joy to the world,
Lady C

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