Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 310: Summer Breeze, Make Me Feel Fine

Today was lovely, both temperature-wise and activity-wise. Smallish and easy editing jobs, long phone chats with Brunie and Good Neighbor Anne, a yummy Thai lunch (I had fresh rolls and Som Tum salad) and a walk to Trader Joe's with my kids, and a great sweaty zumba workout. Plus, I lined up a math tutor for Li'l Martini, and I think she'll be wonderful, and he got his summer reading book, which also looks pretty good (Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix). Productive and pleasant, my favorite kind of day.

(Note: Mimosa has already done her summer reading. Such different kids they are . . .)

I didn't log my weight on Fat Secret because it's up half a pound from my last weigh-in and I'm only recording losses, but I am very encouraged: After several weeks of excess and bad habits, I weighed in at 252 this morning. I would like to weigh 250 on Sunday, and I think I'll make it.

In other news:
  • Next week I don't have a single zumba class, for one reason or another. I will need to come up with a good Plan B. I also need to plan out what I'll do for the rest of the summer, as my Tuesday class ends on the 17th (and I won't be there for that one anyway — I'm off to the Betsy-Tacy Convention in Minnesota!). Time to visit zumba.com and plot my perfect exercise schedule. And then I can plan my other favorite summer activity — ____day Night at the Movies! — where I hit one of my favey restaurants and take in a show and invite all my local girls to join me. Fun fun fun.
  • Last night in the tub I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and LOVED it. Mimosa loved it too. Highly recommended.
  • This week I'm supposed to find out if I got the writing grant or not. Que sera sera.
Time to take a bath and crack the next book (Wife 22) or read some of the magazines that are piling up — either option sounds enticing! And then I must fake-tan my legs and do my nails. It's all girly all the time, here in Chardonnay-ville.


—Lady C

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