Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 311: Trial by Tequila

I edited all morning (I guess it's good to be busy, but I would love a day off to read my extremely enticing library books!) and then knocked off around 2 to head up to Beverly to see Brunie. Our original idea, to see Magic Mike together, somehow evolved into my attending her YA book group, which happened to be meeting at one of my favey Beverly restaurants, Good Guac Grotto, and happened to be discussing a book I read and liked a lot, The List. All good!

And when I drive to Brunie's house I have to pass Acapulco, a restaurant where margaritas come out of the spigot that might normally squirt Pepsi or seltzer in another restaurant. I have been fascinated by these spigot margaritas since I first encountered them; they are tasty and semi-intoxicating, and I can easily put away three or four (usually while scarfing down chips, salsa, and chile con queso).

But I haven't had a margarita in a very long time (OK, that is a lie, I made them for Mom just last week — but before that, it had been a very long time), and two sips into my second one . . . boy howdy. I was zonked. Though I still drank most of it, but over the course of an hour. And I didn't finish it. This is UNHEARD OF for me.

I had to go across the street to Starbuck's to get a giant bold coffee before making my way to Brunie's, and I did not feel well at all.

But the coffee helped, as did some Diet Pepsi with fresh lime at the Grotto, and by the time my half-burrito arrived I felt quite well again. And Brunie's YA book group, three lovely, bright, fun women, were delightful to spend time with, and we talked and laughed hard as several hours flew by. And then Brunie and I, as is our custom, walked briskly down the street that leads to the beach, and we stayed for a while and gazed at the water and the sunset and talked and talked some more. She is a true and wonderful friend, and any time spent with her is a gift.

Also, she asked me to say something nice about her bosoms in today's blog post:

Brunie's bosoms are as bounteous as the White Mountains, as inviting as the trough of guac we plundered tonight, and they are surely registered somewhere as two of the great beauties of Beverly. 

(How's that, friendy?)

So now I'm home, it's 10:28, and I'm considering the following options:
  • Stay up and do a little more work
  • Go to bed and watch the rest of Bunheads (I love it so much but I keep falling asleep)
  • Go to bed and read some of Wife 22 (loving!!)
  • Go to bed and finish the Sunday crossword puzzle

Today's food tally:
  • Rice Krispies, skim milk
  • Banana
  • Handful of pistachios in their shells
  • Two margaritas, rocks, salt
  • Half a basket of chips
  • Salsa
  • Chile con queso
  • Large coffee with cream
  • Three bites of the world's best guacamole, sigh
  • Diet Pepsi with lime
  • Half a burrito
  • Side order of Spanish rice
And despite my intention of taking a long walk, I did nary a spot of exercise (well, except my brisk three-block walk to the beach; that oughta do it). What my weight will be tomorrow is anyone's guess. Maybe I'll add "isometrics" to my list of night-time activity options.

Can't wait to see which I pick!

—Lady C, woman of mystery


  1. I love this post! Especially the part about me (and my parts). I feel obligated to mention that I noticed your guacamole self control and both admired you and pitied you for the small amount you consumed. Not so much with the hooch. But a tipsy Lady Char is an even MORE entertaining Lady Char. Come back soon and we'll watch the stripper movie!

  2. Only the magnificence of your bosoms kept me going . . .


  3. Oh, and I added, "Ripper," "Graceling," and that mystery you recommended (girl in the 1940s, detective dad? "The Girl Is Her," something like that?) to my ILL list, to sit in an enticing pile on my dresser and taunt me. For which I blame YOU.

    (Hee! Remember "Racial taunt! Racial taunt!" What a fun night.)