Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Days 302 and 303: Two Days, Two Graduates

Mimosa graduated on Monday, Li'l Martini graduated tonight. Much to tell, but I am so tired I can hardly see straight — or type coherently.

I swear, the only thing keeping me from gaining 10 pounds this week is the fact that I've increased my muscle mass, thereby beefing up my metabolism. I've been eating everything in sight, drinking to excess, and not exercising. Then again, I'm also running around like an agitated hamster, maybe that's helping.

Gotta fall into bed. Tomorrow I have an editing job, plus I need to deliver a present to my departing principal, plus the kids get out at noon and we're having a big celebration lunch, and then, THANK GOD, I have zumba!!! I am so ready to resume my life of good health and self-care!!!

Cheers to graduates and tired parents everywhere!!

xox Lady C

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