Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 316: Cleaning Up, Clearing Out, Moving On

I got so much done today and made a huge dent in my enormous pile of Things to Be Addressed, and yet I still have a smallish pile. But tomorrow, as they say, is another day. I have a quick editing job in the morning and can then spend the day enmeshed in Accomplishment.

One of today's tasks was to hand over the PTO President Bible to my co-. I hummed "Pomp and Circumstance" as I placed it in her hands, and she looked both amused and nervous. But she is totally ready. Nothing prepares you to be Senior President like having the President Emeritus leave the building.

I also walked wherever I could (to my co-prez's house and back, to Trader Joe's and back), stood in the kitchen for two hours cooking (tacos, Spanish rice, sauteed vegetable medley with cumin seeds, homemade salsa, fresh fruit platter), and practiced ENORMOUS self-control by holding myself to one taco (I LOVE tacos) and not making a margarita. I ate lightly all day (if a taco can be considered "light" – oh it was so good) and am about to lift weights and work my core. And then — what else? — a bath!

The Betsy-Tacy Convention is two weeks away. I fly to Minnesota two weeks from tomorrow. This boggles my mind. It totally snuck up on me!! But I am very excited. And wondering if I can lose 15 pounds before then.

Ha. Ha.

Off to lift!

—Lady Chardonnay, of the sober and temperate Chardonnays

p.s. I will also see my tall handsome brothers in two weeks! That is likewise very exciting.

p.p.s. Tomorrow Mimosa and I get up at dawn to run and walk the Bike Trail, respectively. She is trying out for the high school volleyball team in September, and they told her to be prepared to run her "best mile." As the girl runs for nothing except maybe the ice cream truck, she's got some training to do. But she is an excellent volleyball player with a killer serve. And this is my no-zumba week, so I need to find my sweat somewhere.


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