Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 317: Strong Drinks and Glistening Men

Brunie and I inaugurated my summer tradition of "Tuesday Night at the Movies," enjoying Icy Spicy Margaritas (me; she sampled the entire sangria menu) and sharing guacamole and fish tacos — so yummy! And then we saw Magic Mike, which was exactly what we wanted it to be, though the pelvis-in-face grinding icked us both out. But the men were mighty pretty (and mighty skanky) and we enjoyed some fine dancing. A lovely night, all around.

And I "earned" my margaritas by taking a long sweaty 2.7-mile walk with Mimosa this morning. We glowed with virtue, also copious perspiration. And then I did 25 wall push-ups. Later, I flexed my biceps for Brunie, and she was suitably impressed — and this was after seeing Joe Manganiello (whom we both picked as our stripper boyfriend).

Other than that, I spent the day editing and also working on the Convention packet, taking other people's flyers and making them look pretty and also consistent with the (pretty) agenda I made. I love detail-heavy work like this, so it was a fun day.

In other news, congratulations to my dear friend Blogger Dawn who just bought a bookstore! Keep livin' the dream, girlfriend.

Sleepy-sleepy, so short post tonight.


—Lady C

p.s. I lost two pounds this morning, whee! but I think two margaritas will probably undo it, despite the walking. We shall see which is more powerful.

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