Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 318: Fireworks! (Not So Much)

Our usual July Fourth tradition is to go to the Lion's Club carnival, eat corn dogs and other crap, go on lots of rides, and stay for the fireworks. (I love fireworks.) BUT: For whatever reason, the fireworks aren't till tomorrow night, and massive thunderstorms were predicted for today. Since I'm still on my relentless quest to eradicate my Things to Do pile, a chill* day at home sounded great to me, and to my surprise (I'd been prepared for Plan B: Bowling and Plan C: Movies and Chinese food) everyone else concurred! So: chill day.

And it was nice, except . . . the thunderstorms never appeared, and now I kinda feel like we wasted our Fourth. Though I did get a ton done.

We had an awesome dinner, prepared by me and Martini: Chinese sausage (the kids taste-tested sausage at Wilson Farms yesterday when we picked up our CSA share, and this was their hands-down favorite — and it is hella good) with sweet hot mustard, dilly red potato salad, corn on the cob, roasted asparagus, tons of fresh fruit, and Dreamsicle cookies for dessert (orange cookies with white chocolate chips).

And then I tried out the zumba mix CD I made this morning; I didn't dance the full songs (because I was in my living room — long story — and dodging the coffee table was beyond awkward) but I definitely worked up a sweat. Yay! I can do zumba at home.

The boys are now playing Risk, Mimosa is watching the New Girl marathon, and I'm going to take a bath and read Code Name: Verity.

Carnival and fireworks tomorrow. Maybe.

Oh, and my 2.7-mile walk nicely balanced my margarita consumption, apparently, and my weight was still down this morning. However, today I chowed and didn't move a lot (despite my half-hour of half zumba songs) so my streak may have ended. But tomorrow I will work out, somehow, somewhere. (I can tell I'm lifting weights again, I have never been so aware of my tender biceps.)

I can hear fireworks outside my window. Maybe I'll be able to see some from my tub. Happy birthday, America!

—Lady C, patriot

* "Chill" being relative, since I worked like a crazygirl today. But it was good.

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