Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 319: Fireworks For Reals

So much going on around here! But I'm tired and don't feel like writing about all of it.

Here are today's high points:
  • I took Mimosa to her nutritionist appointment in Watertown, only to find that the brilliant people in charge had scheduled the appointment for West Roxbury, which might as well be Chicago. Oh, well — we used the time productively, buying her some good exercise clothes (for some reason, she doesn't have any!) and sneakers, and she is all set for her volleyball camp. And she can start breaking them in tomorrow, when we have our next walk/run.
  • I also signed her up for a weekly summer class, Glee for Teens, which I think she will love. Now she and Li'l Martini each have three things scheduled for this summer, and I feel like a better parent. Even though one of her things is babysitting — should that count?
  • I'm still working on the Welcome packet for the upcoming Convention, and I impressed Brunie by getting an enormous document onto two pages — and it looks great! (I also put my name in big shadowy bold letters on the acknowledgments page, surrounded by stars, and she said, "Can you make your name MORE prominent? It gets lost on the page somehow.")
  • The phrase we were all giggling about earlier this week was "ladygarden." Today we are giggling about "Juicy Lucy," which apparently is the name of a burger one can get in Minneapolis and, according to my pal Sister Hart, is "the best burger on the planet." Which I will determine for myself in precisely 14 days!!!
  • Code Name Verity is so good! I simultaneously want to read it all the time and never want to finish it!
  • We took the kids to see the fireworks in Lexington tonight (site of The Shot Heard 'Round the World), and despite being bitten by bugs and having my flashlight crap out so I couldn't keep reading Code Name Verity, it was a fabulous display, prettier even than last year's, and my heart swelled with all kinds of patriotic pride.
  • I zumbaed! In my living room! And split the braided rug a little, so, a learning. But it was a great workout, I sweated like an ox, and I love love love the new zumba CD I made for myself!
OK, enough high points. And, seriously? I only described a fraction of my day. But these were the most interesting parts. Well, my dinner was pretty good, too, I'll say that.

Good night!

—Lady C, still a patriot — a tired, busy patriot with sore biceps and some fresh bug bites

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