Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 328: Mad Skillz

The ubiquity of commemorative T-shirts and the near absence of commemorative tank tops is one of my life's woes, (though, granted, rather low on the woe scale), as I dislike and don't wear the former and adore the latter. Fortunately, I have become very adept at turning a T-shirt into a cute tank top, which is what I spent today doing. (After chores, of course.) I just need to finish hemming one armpit, and then I'll have a cute new Dallin School tank top!

I also had a small Ernest Borgnine film festival, something we often do at my house to commemorate the passing of a notable actor. His best films, I think, are Marty and From Here to Eternity, but today I went utterly lowbrow and watched The Poseidon Adventure and The Dirty Dozen, the perfect movie junk food to do mending in front of.

(Honestly, my Ernest Borgnine performance is from Little House on the Prairie, when he played a mountain hermit named Jonathan. I'll have to ask Brunie if they did any sort of tribute to him at Laurapalooza.)

Today also involved another of my best skills: making a delicious multi-course dinner out of practically nothing! We had a little leftover chicken, some fresh vegetables, some leftover couscous . . . and it all became a splendid Asian meal. I cooked a bag of potstickers that we had in the freezer, and thawed some edamame, and I stir-fried the chicken and vegetables (carrots, snap peas, and scallions) in soy sauce and sesame oil and served it over the couscous. We also had some leftover sweet 'n' sour beets, and that seemed like a reasonable pairing to me as well. Presto! Magnificent dinner. And it used up a bunch of leftovers, which is also a good thing.

I didn't do a lick of exercise today; we'll see how my weight is tomorrow.

Unrelated notes about two of my friends:
  • Sister Hart participated in a Bacon-Off this morning, and I'm dying to hear how she did! There are two categories, Sweet and Savory, and she is the Sweet title holder, winning last year with Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes. This year, she entered Brown Sugar Bacon Ice Cream sandwiched between Chocolate-Chip Cookies (not sure if there's bacon in those), and that actually sounds pretty good to me. Report please, Sister Hart!
  • I am sending tons of love and strength to Good Neighbor Anne and Angel-Daughter; Angel entered a program yesterday for her eating disorder, and while I know this is the right thing, still, it breaks my heart. We want our girl well and happy and home. I am praying hard for this.
Two days till Minnesota! And next week the kids are going a thousand different places, and I won't be here to coordinate; poor Husband is already wigging. I've promised to sit down with him tomorrow and draw him a map of the week. He'll do great. It's funny, though, they've barely done a thing all summer — and then for the next two weeks, Katy bar the door. What can you do.

It's late, but I'm going to take a bath anyway.

Good night!

—Lady C

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  1. Alas and alack, I was defeated by whoopie pies. Whoopie pies! But I compensated for the loss of the pig trophy by eating copious amounts of bacon (still dehydrated) and drinking astonishing amounts of wine (a friend who owns a wine shop showed up with the remains of that day's tasting. Holy crap.) Just now (Monday morning) beginning to feel like my delightful self.