Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 340: Still Dizzy (After All These Years)

I still feel the ground moving under me (like I just got off a ship) and am overly fatigued so today I went to Web MD to diagnose myself — (a flaw-free plan!) — and learned that I might have an inner ear infection or, possibly, labyrinthitis. Awesome!

Perhaps I'll call my doc in the a.m.

In other news, it totally sneaked up on me that my daughter's 15th birthday is a week from Sunday. Heavens to Betsy! Fortunately, she is extremely easy to shop for, and after an hour at Amazon and a good online clothing store, she's all set. Though I couldn't resist grabbing a beautiful blank journal from the clearance rack at Barnes & Noble as well. She loves starting journals . . . and has many, many with about 20 pages written in each. But I totally understand the need to start afresh. There are worse habits!

She's also very ready to be done with volleyball camp tomorrow, my sweet non-athlete daughter; I am so proud of her for going for this! It is completely against her sluggard nature, but she is hanging right in there. Next week we'll resume our walk-runs, which will be great for both of us. And tomorrow, I told her, when she gets home she can put her feet up, drink an icy pink lemonade, and read the new issues of People and Entertainment Weekly. Happy happy joy joy!

Plus we have very dear friends coming to dinner, so old and so dear that they basically invited themselves. But this is super cool, because I haven't seen them in several years. The male half of the couple (my Alterna-Husband — I adore him) and my own dearest darling had a small falling out at work, and the four-way friendship seemed to cool for quite some time. But for whatever reason the Walls of Jericho are coming down, and I will see them in less than 24 hours. I'm really looking forward to it and plan to cook a magnificent meal to celebrate our reunion.

I did take a walk today and lift weights, and I did stay for abs after zumba last night and tortured myself into nine kinds of paraplegia, and I did sign up for another zumba class with the Italian Spitfire (so, Tuesday and Wednesday — she is so scary when she's ordering me to do something!), and I did feel much more like my old self after class last night. I think I just need to keep exercising and drinking water and getting enough sleep, and eventually I'll stop feeling like this:

Or my doctor will shriek, "You have labyrinthitis???" and put me straight into the hospital. That could happen too.

More to tell, as always, but I need coffee and must start making my please-be-our-new-Parish-Clerk-oh-please-oh-please phone calls, which is going to be an ocean of fun!!


—Lady C, who was down two pounds this morning (but still two pounds above pre-Minnesota weight. Still — a positive trend!)

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