Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 341: One Is Silver and the Other's Gold

Tonight we had dinner with our dear old friends of 21 years (well, technically, they've been Husband's friends for longer than that — my Alterna-Husband is Husband's colleague, and he and his wife have been married since middle school or something like that), and even though we haven't seen them for a ridiculously long time, we picked up right where we left off (drunk) and resumed our (drunk) conversation as if no time had passed (drunkly).

My word, but we emptied a few bottles! Which is even more "impressive" when you consider that Husband doesn't drink and Alterna-Husband stopped drinking around 9 because he had to drive home.

Anyway. Much of my day was consumed getting ready for the dinner party — especially since no vacuuming has been done in my house since I left on the 17th. I served sauteed chicken thighs with caramelized onions, macaroni and two cheeses, sourdough bread (buttered and toasted), and a big salad with tons of stuff in it, and for dessert we had my famous orange buttermilk cake. Our appetizers were fresh cherries, a variety of nuts, Trader Joe's party meatballs, and something I made up: cucumber slices topped with sliced lox topped with creme fraiche mixed with salt, pepper, and fresh dill. They were yummy and looked so pretty on the plate! Plus it used up a cucumber from our CSA share — the one vegetable I don't particularly care for (but in combo with lox and creme fraiche? Not a problem!) My "welcome!" cocktail was a Ward 8, one of my favorites, and then we drank (as noted) 42 bottles of wine. And coffee. And water. I expect to get up and run a marathon tomorrow.


I'm just so happy right now. I love my friends. And four to six (maximum eight) is my perfect dinner party size.

Which reminds me:

My Convention experience is still jelling and I'm not ready to write about it yet, but the thing that's becoming very clear to me is this: I just don't do well in enormous groups. I get completely overwhelmed. My dream is to spend several days in BetsyLand with two dozen of my very dearest BT friends. This would give me enough time for a good visit with each of them, and I wouldn't feel compelled to hide in my room. That is my dream; we'll see if I can make it a reality. (Brunie and I are already arguing over who makes our cut of the final 20. Rest assured, Dear Readers; if you're a BT fan and you're here, you're on that list.)

Must go drink LOTS more water before lights out!

—Lady C

p.s. I did no exercise today, other than standing in kitchen cooking for four hours, and while breakfast and lunch were scanty, my (drunken) dinner was enormous. My weight was down another pound this morning, but I hold out no such hopes for tomorrow.

p.p.s. I took my girl cat to the vet today, and I have a hilarious story about my vet, Mick Jagger, cat dandruff, and hashish, but I am just too tired. Another day!

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