Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 342: A Cracking Good Read

Brunie told me I had to read this, so I dutifully checked it out. It took me about a week to get through the first hundred pages; I kept falling asleep (because I'm over-tired, I think!) and the plot wasn't fully grabbing me. But I sat down to read it in earnest this morning, and let me tell you — I was grabbed. In between cleaning the house and "inventing" a flag stand so my flag stops falling over when not in use (I'm oh-so-clever that way) and cooking a kick-ass meal (Greek-style salmon, greens with onions and slivered Canadian bacon, garlicky mashed potatoes, and red-hot apples — it was coolish here today, and a cool-weather meal was a treat) and doing zumba in my basement (and sweating like a sow — our new dehumidifier keeps the formerly cool basement at a constant state of warm), I read it on and off all day and just finished it in the bathtub.

It is a great read and I highly recommend it! (As does the wise and eminently discerning Brunie.)

Because of the aforementioned basement zumba and copious sweat, I have high hopes for tomorrow's weigh-in.

Oh, and I felt fine this morning, despite last night's bacchanalia, but I didn't drink any wine today, even though I usually enjoy a glass while cooking. And I think that resisting a glass of wine should result in weight loss. (Whether it does or not, I think it should.) Fingers crossed! I'm ready for that scale needle to move.

In other news, I'm in a small panic about having no work scheduled for next week, despite my contacting every client that I can think of, but I've decided to chill and take it as a sign that I should be writing. My pal B.T. McGee and I have made a vow to check in with each other re: our writing projects every Wednesday; she is starting a novel about a character she dreamed up 20 years ago, and I am going to (1) revise Chapter 1 of Novel 1 until I have something that is impossible to put down, (2) start sending it out again, and then (3) get back to work on Novel 2.

Can I do it? YES I CAN!

Well, we'll see anyway.

Sleepy time! I was headed for bed till I remembered I'd forgotten to blog. Ah, such dedication.

Sweet dreams, peeps!

—Lady C

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  1. You gave it 100 pages and kept trying? You are made of STEEL! I tanked it after the first 50. Loved the first chapter and the idea of it, but I am just not a steampunk girl. I grow weary of the stupid Victorian technology...