Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 343 (Week 49): Finally in the '40s!

This weight has appeared many times on my scale, but never on Weigh-In Day. But today — today— I broke through the barrier!!
  • Today's scale readings: 249.5, 249, 248.5, 248
Moving the scale slightly made this much difference, which is weird. (I often move the scale and nothing happens.) But note how they're all in the '40s!!! I decided to go with 249, which feels comfortable and maintainable.

And now my dream is to quickly drop the next two, so I can finally declare that I've lost 40 pounds! Actually, I've been rounding up and declaring that for weeks — but I'd like to be able to declare it with honesty.

Doing zumba in my basement was tons of fun. I'll either do that again today, or take a long walk.

Just wanted to share my happy news! Forty-nine weeks, thirty-eight pounds down.

Eek! Just looked at the time. Martini's tutor gets here in 35 minutes and I'm still unshowered and in my nightie. Well, she's not here to judge me.

—Lady C, off to have a light and lovely day!

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