Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 344: Lots of Calls, Which I Dread

E-mail is perfect for people like me. I type quickly, I think quickly, and I like getting things done quickly. Jot a note, click "send" — presto! Accomplishment!

Phone calls make me edgy, even though I enjoy them while they're happening. But the idea of having to make a phone call causes me an unreasonable amount of stress. Particularly when I'm making phone calls to coax someone else into taking on my fairly large-ish church job. Yikes.

I made six calls, left three messages, had three conversations, and received two "no"s and one extremely tentative "yes, but only if you truly can't find anyone else," which doesn't make me feel like I can stop calling just yet (and I'm also not sure that the Powers That Be will be excited about this candidate, even though I know she'd be fine. She is a quirky bird, though, for sure). My "favorite" response came from the fellow who turned down the job by e-mail (after getting my hopes up), then gave me a little lecture on how this year of writing boring, dry minutes will in fact improve my writing skills.*

Uh, thanks?  

My original goal had been to work on Chapter 1 today, but instead I finished an old (non-paying and incredibly dull) project, which I'm delighted to be done with, and then created three promotional bookmarks for my beloved Betsy-Tacy books, which was a pure joy. I also did the reading for this week's writers group meeting. So — a day of accomplishment, just not the accomplishment I planned.

Chapter 1 tomorrow! Plus zumba. Now those are accomplishments to write home about.

I wish I would stop stressing about money. Or, barring that, I wish all my teeth-gnashing resulted in weight loss. My only exercise today was a sweaty walk to Trader Joe's, and I drank two glasses of wine right after. Not my best day. But, you know, not my worst either.

And tomorrow will be better.

Off to watch Bunheads. It's no Gilmore Girls (aka One of the BEST SHOWS EVAH!) but it's a lot of fun.


Lady C

* Please, sir, may I have another?

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