Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 345: Genius Burns

I was a Good Goal Girl today, meaning, I did exactly what I intended to do: I worked hard on Chapter 1 of Novel 1 and went to zumba. (It's less hot than it was, but it is very humid; the gym where we zumba on Tuesdays has fans but is not air-conditioned; we are all soaking wet, and when we did a routine that involves slapping your partner's hands, we slid right off each other. It was funny. Gross, yes, but funny.)

Novel 1 is about a teen girl who has always felt overshadowed by her glamorous and successful older sister. The one thing (she believes) she can do well is cook. At her mother's suggestion, she starts her own catering company, which leads her into all kinds of mishaps and misadventures — including romantic ones! It was a fun story to write, full of yummy food and cute boys and misunderstood daughters and one seriously scary cheerleader, and the three middle-grade girls who've read it so far loved it. (My mom, my husband, and my writers group liked it too, but I'm most concerned with my target audience, of course!)

Chapter 1 is my Waterloo – because, basically, all that happens is that two girls cook dinner. My kids had all kinds of suggestions for how to jazz it up (the food is spoiled! a dog eats half of it! oh, no, the kitchen's on fire!), and of course I could do that, but many chapters involve cooking emergencies that my heroine must solve (in fact, that happens in Chapter 2), so I want Chapter 1 to be different. I really worked on it today, and I think I'm close — but still not quite there.

Still! I made significant progress, which I celebrated by spending several hours on the living room couch reading Gone Girl — so good!

Clearly, I won't have lost 50 pounds by my 50th birthday (a week from Friday), but if I can hit the magic 40-pound mark, I'll be very satisfied. I'm also close to the one-year anniversary of this little blog. Forty pounds in one year? I'll take it!

Off to the bath (I should probably wipe down my computer chair first — I am really gross) and to finish Gone Girl! Happy happy me.

—Lady C, expecting to have lost 15 pounds in sweat

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  1. I have never heard anything before about the plot of your first novel. It sounds wonderful! I look forward to reading it and I wish you every success with it.

    Also, congratulations on the success of ALL your goals achieved!

    -- SDF