Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Days 331–339: Post-Convention Blues

I got back from Minnesota on Monday night, close to 48 hours ago, and I feel like my head has been enshrouded in fog ever since. Granted, it was an emotional week. Granted, I got very little sleep (but still more than Brunie, who stumbled in after midnight and arose at 4 a.m., day in, day out). Granted, there is a time difference between here and there (a whopping hour!). But still — shouldn't I be feeling back to my old self by now???

During the seven days I was gone, I worked out only twice (though they were great workouts!), but drank multiple bottles of wine (and one notable morning had two Skinnygirl margaritas before noon) and ate every time food was offered to me, whether I was hungry or not. I even ate meatloaf, my most hatingest food after coconut. But it was first-class meatloaf, as in, served to me in first class!* So I kinda had to. I didn't finish it, though. Because, you know, meatloaf.

In any event, my weight was up by four pounds upon my return, which is not a huge surprise. I haven't had any alcohol since I've been home, and tonight I return to zumba. And tomorrow I'll start my day with a long walk. I think this will also help me wake up and banish the fog in a way that coffee and 7–8 hours sleep doesn't seem to be doing.

Or, I simply need to be back in Massachusetts as long as I was away. And do something fun — life has been pretty grim since returning. Hot sticky weather, unpacking and laundry to do, children slightly off schedule (Husband did a great job, I hasten to add — he is a perfect peach), and I just resigned my big church job as Parish Clerk; we met last night, before I'd even been home 24 hours, and — so politely! so gently! — they informed me that humor and levity were not appropriate for such high-level minutes and that they would appreciate it if I would conduct myself with more decorum.

Since my minutes closely resemble Betsy's write-ups of the Okto Delta meetings — which is what I love doing and why I always offer to take minutes, ever since I ran for College Five Student Council  in 1982 — you can imagine how well this sat with me.

They are perfectly nice people; it is just not a good fit. I could certainly tamp down my Id for a year — but why? Surely my flair and joie de vivre can be put to better use!

So, giving notice and working on finding a replacement have taken up much of my time (as I try to wake up — seriously, do you think some Minnesota insect gave me sleeping sickness? I do have a big red bite on my artificially tanned leg), and it's been all kinds of fun, let me tell you.

I will share some Convention highlights as they come together in my mind, but for now I need to rest up for zumba. I just cooked us a fabby dinner (burger patties and caponata and squash with basil butter and fresh French bread and a big bowl of tri-colored grapes. Husband picked up our CSA share this week and was stymied by the eggplant! He had a scarring experience once. But he will manfully down caponata) and now am oh so weary.

I'm very glad to be back with Husband and kids and cats, but. I am missing Deep Valley, for sure.


Lady C

p.s. Cindy Glamour, your BFF and I held hands and channeled you, standing by the Minnehaha Falls on Thursday afternoon. Did you feel us?

* I know! Where's the filet mignon? Where's the salmon and green beans almondine? This was only my second experience with first class, and for the first one I was pregnant and couldn't drink the free hooch, and for this one they served me meatloaf. But hey, both were free, I'm not complaining. And the rest of the meal was great. And the free hooch . . . boy howdy.


  1. Welcome home!

    Yes, so many places want "proper" minutes (our PTA for example) that it's not fun to be secretary anymore. Fill in that time with phone calls to ME! ;)

  2. That explains why I burst into tears the moment I saw the first Minnehaha pictures - I'm usually rather stoic. (Like the Rays, I don't cry at train stations.)

  3. Nice menopause link. Thanks... And those dull-minutes bitches don't deserve you!