Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 346: So Close!

I know it's just sweat weight, but still: I weighed 248 this morning. One pound away from a net loss of 40, woo-hoo!

I haven't weighed under 250 in six years. The mind reels. Ah, 43 and three-quarters — what a dewy youngster I was then. If only I knew what life had in store. (Actually, six years ago I think Husband and I were separated, and it was our darkest time. But life is all blissy and kissy now, isn't it, darling?)

I have zumba in an hour. Seven-thirty p.m. is the craziest time for an exercise class — I have to eat dinner way early, so I don't barf during class, and then I just sit around for two hours and . . . digest.

Little I did today would make an interesting report:
  • Got my teeth cleaned
  • Rewrote a paragraph of Chapter 1, worked on my query letter, checked out a few agents who rep middle grade
  • Ordered Husband's birthday presents (his birthday is August 19, same as — say it with me, Cindy Glamour — Bill Clinton and Tipper Gore! hee)
  • Took Li'l Martini to the library to get math-tutored
  • Walked Mimosa to her babysitting job (of course she can walk herself, but she likes the company)
  • Continued my fruitile* attempts to convince someone to take on my Clerk job (though I did succeed in getting the Powers That Be to excise a few duties from the job description, which may help)
Hot stuff, right? Look out for my spicy memoirs!

Speaking of spicy, we had Mexican food at 4 p.m., and I guess my big news there is that I stopped eating when I was full and the plate still had at least a third of a meal on it. Yay! Success!

(Our cutie-pie waiter said, "I haven't seen you guys in a while!" I said, "I'm dieting, honey, margaritas are not my friend," and he shook his head sadly and said, "Nothing here is your friend." Yeah, not too many low-cal options in the joint, I fear. I once ordered a plain fish dish, and Señor Cutie-Pie looked worried and asked, "Have you had this before?" I said no, and he said, "Just a warning — it comes with its head and eyes and mouth and everything." OK, ew. I'll have a full-fat taco, extra lard please. Thank you!)

I did finish GONE GIRL (loved!) and then finished I COULDN'T LOVE YOU MORE (compelling and excruciating, in equal part) and now have ANNIE'S GHOSTS and JENERATION X and Jodi Picoult's newest on my stack. And I rented THE WAY WE WERE. Happy times ahead in the life of:

—Lady Chardonnay

* My coined word: half futile and half fruitless. It's useful!


  1. Happy Birthday to the Triumvirate of Tree-hugggers! Actually, Bill Clinton is, IMO, the most redeemed ex-President currently living. People who do not follow current events think that of Jimmy C., but those people think JC is still involved with hammering new houses for the needy. If Daddy Bush likes Bill, he can't be all bad. I actually enjoy hearing what he has to say on news programs when I used to run screaming for the remote. In other news, my daughter shares her 11/25 birthday with JFK Jr. and the Bush twins.

  2. MR. Lady Chardonnay (aka Husband)August 2, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    It probably took that awful "Dark Time" to bring into full relief the exquisiteness that is my, uh... blissy and kissy life now with my extraordinary, brilliant, and utterly, indescribably gorgeous (and rapidly shrinking!) wife!! Hard to believe, but life is in fact... blissier and kissier every day (at least for me)!

    Lots and lots of blissy kisses,
    Your Mister