Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 348: The Joy of Losing Water Weight

It's very hot, and I've been exercising hard and sweating vociferously, and then I come home and take a hot bath . . .  and then I weigh myself!

It is so entertaining.

Today I was down to 242.

I know it isn't real, but still. Seeing those numbers does give me a lift!

And it's funny, it happens every single time: Whatever block of ten I'm in (as in, I started in the 80s), the one directly below it seems so enticing, so thin, so superior in every way to the block I'm in. If only I could get into the 70s, I thought, how happy I would be! And then I got there and immediately began obsessing about the svelte sexy 60s, ooh la la! And so on and so on. How long have I been waiting to get into the 40s???? Seems like years. But here I am, ho-hum, and the 30s seem downright skeletal.

I'll be so happy when I get there!!


In other news, Mimosa turns 15 this Sunday, I turn 50 one week from today, and Husband turns 58 two weeks from Sunday. It's nice when we're in the same decade, he and I; I think we understand each other better. Because now, when I'm in my 40s and he's in his 50s, we can't connect at all. Take the conversation we just had one minute ago:

Me: Let's eat dinner in front of the TV and give A Town Called Panic a try.
Husband: A Town Called . . . ?
Me: The movie Kind Tina recommended that's been sitting on top of our TV all week.
Husband: Oh! Sounds good.

A few minutes go by, as I set up dinner buffet-style in the kitchen.

Husband: So we're eating at the table?

God bless him.

Now, should I mess with my wild weight loss and shake up a margarita?

OK, I know the answer.

Me and my baby are going to take in a show! (Not at the dining room table.)

Love and kisses,
Lady C

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