Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 349: Hot. So Very, Very Hot

The temperature gauge read 90 but it felt like a million and 90, possibly because we had so many chores today. Two months ago, when dusting my filthy house in preparation for Mom's visit, I decreed that the first Saturday of the month would be BIG Chore Day, meaning that the kids and I added dusting to our usual chores, and Husband cleaned the tub and surrounding tile and mopped the bathroom floors in addition to cleaning the bathroom sinks and toilets. So that's what we did today.

Husband also mowed the lawn, and I made a big yummy dinner: Trader Joe's meatballs, pasta with fresh basil and garlic, Greek-style wax beans with tomatoes and onions, a huge salad full of "stuff," and a plate of fresh cherries and grapes. About two-thirds of the produce is from our CSA share, so both local and mostly organic, which allows me to feel good about saving the planet without actually doing much — my favorite kind of feel-good activity!

But it was a long day, and we are sweaty limp dishrags now. The plan is to sit in front of fans, eat ice cream, and watch The Dark Knight, which sounds awesome. My brain is also sweaty and limp; I tried to do last week's Sunday crossword and fell asleep seven times.

Batman, Ben, and Jerry call! And I will answer.

Mimosa is 15 tomorrow. The mind reels.

—Lady C

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