Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 350 (Week 50): Fifteen Years Ago . . .

. . . my firstborn angel, the lovely Mimosa, made her debut. We had been desperate to know her sex ahead of time, but our precious darling was already showing her strong will and quirky determination to march to her own drummer, and she kept her legs demurely crossed during every ultrasound. Still, I had a strong intuition that she was a girl. (Her boy name was Jackson William. Li'l Martini's girl name was Holly Delilah. I always smile when I meet kids named Jackson [several] or Holly [almost none], thinking, You could have been mine.)

Birthdays are sacred in our house, and we thoroughly celebrated Princess Mimosa from dawn till dusk. She's upstairs in her room right now, reading her new birthday books and listening to her new birthday music, and not trying on her new birthday outfits until tomorrow (she hates trying on clothes, just like her mama).

I'm glad I had a good weigh-in this morning, because I've indulged in gluttony all day, plus it's my special ladytime, plus I didn't exercise in the least, unless you count retrieving our beach ball, which involved climbing down and then back up a very steep hill (which really shouldn't count, trust me, though I impressed all the other moms at the spray pool when I did it):
  • Today's scale reading: 248
Fat Secret is pleased with me and says I'll achieve my goal weight in 24 months. Two more years of monitoring my food, enjoying zumba, and blogging? I can do that!  

One day at a time.

I'm going to fold the laundry now (the kids usually do this, but I'm letting Mimosa be a princess for another few hours) and watch The Way We Were. And cry, probably.

My daughter is the light of my life. I can barely remember who I was before she was born.

Today was a great day.

Love and kisses,

Lady C

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