Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 353: The Waning Days of My 40s

I knew the Italian Spitfire wouldn't be at zumba tonight; she's at a conference in Florida, zumba-ing with Vanilla Ice. (!! who knew?) So when I walked into class and saw a woman I used to work with, I thought, Wow, DD's a zumba instructor now! But no — DD's daughter was our teacher.

My peers have daughters who teach zumba. I am a hundred freaking years old.

(I came home and told Mimosa that this was my new dream for our future, and she rolled her eyes and shut the bathroom door a little more firmly than was necessary. Hee! Teenage girls.)

Short post tonight; I need to put in another hour of work. After assuring me that returning the document on Monday would not be a problem at all, the client is now getting antsy, which means I need to do a ton of work today and tomorrow, because I will not work on my birthday! Nor the day after! Maybe Sunday.

And unfortunately I missed some good work time today because I needed to get (1) a filling, (2) a crown reglued, and (3) a haircut. But tomorrow is wide open.

Work, bath, Medium, bed. Good night!

—Lady C

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