Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 354: Birthday Eve!

(Have I mentioned that I turn 50 in a few hours?)

Lady Darcy once gave me an enormous key chain that said MY BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 10. I loved that key chain, but I kept breaking it; clearly, it was not meant to be. (I removed the paper insert and it's now in my mirror.)*

Packages and cards have been rolling in all week, which is so exciting! On Monday I got an e-mail from Mrs. Fog Dog apologizing that her presents would be late; her package arrived on Wednesday, and yesterday a nice man came to my door delivering her apology flowers. I would say she is covered. (And then some!) I also have enticing boxes from Lady Darcy and my parents, and all sorts of cards came in the mail today — but I don't open anything until my natal day itself. And then I have an orgy!

I've made all sorts of lovely plans, and tonight I'm chilling champagne (for tomorrow's breakfast mimosas), removing all my nail polish (for tomorrow's mani-pedi), and making strawberry-rhubarb compote (for sangria, yum!).

I have not a single qualm about turning 50. For so long, my big life goals have been to (1) lose weight, (2) start writing again, and (3) manage my money better, and guess what? I'm doing the first two, and I've hired my wonderful guru $u$an to do the third for me, and I guess I feel like I'm on track with where I want to be — which is a pretty sweet thing to be able to say on the eve of my dotage!

Today I worked like a plow horse, and it's time to peel myself from this computer and go watch a movie with Mimosa. She's on a girly movie kick, so tonight we're watching a coming-of-age classic: Bring It On. I may mend the three things that have been sitting on my desk chair all week or, more likely, I will sit and stare vacantly at the sexy antics of Kristen Dunst and Eliza Dushku. Place your bets now!


xox Lady C, permanent birthday girl

* The first time my friend Brandy-Brite saw my bedroom, she assumed it was Mimosa's, partly because of all the nonsense I have tucked into my mirror. Husband is a very good sport about our half-girly bedroom (because he is secure in his manhood). (Also, we have a GIGANTIC framed portrait of HIS OTHER WIFE over our piano, he can give me a half-girly bedroom.)


  1. Oh THANK GOODNESS my package arrived! I was a teensy bit afraid it might be late but I have faith in the USPS Priority Mail!
    I can never pass up Bring It On; LOVE that movie!
    Happy Birthday Eve! I hope we can talk tomorrow but I know how busy you'll be, what with all the present-opening you'll be doing. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! -- SDF