Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 355: So Far, 50 ROCKS!!!

(Though I just typed the number 50 and then looked at it so curiously, like, what does that number have to do with me? I don't think I've quite connected to it yet . . .)

My birthday has been utterly magnificent, every single second of it. It started at midnight, when Husband suddenly announced, "It's your birthday!" and put a light-up tiara on my head, which blinked "50! 50! 50!" Hilarious. Then, after a good night's sleep and a luxurious lie-in (I woke at 8:30 to the sound of Good Neighbor Anne singing on my answering machine), my scale wished me a happy birthday by allowing my weight to stay in the '40s, despite last night's restaurant meal. Thank you, scale! You're the best!

I had my traditional birthday breakfast of mimosas and cinnamon-sour cream coffeecake while opening birthday cards and getting more birthday calls. Husband also cooked bacon (lovely thick slices from Trader Joe's with some kind of dry rub — SO GOOD), and I opened presents while I ate. One of my presents from Husband was a Miss America-type sash, royal blue with glittery gold letters spelling "50 and Fabulous!" (The light-up tiara, while stunning, was made for a girl with a teeny-tiny pinhead, and my head is the size of a Volkswagen, so I put it on my head and it begins inching upward until it pops off. The cats found it entertaining, but I didn't think I could wear it today. The sash, however, is fabby, and I also had a light-up pin from Mrs. Cynicletary saying "Kiss me! It's my birthday!" so in terms of flashy birthday gear, I was all set.)

On my way to my mani-pedi, I stopped at the library to pick up two movies Mimosa wanted to see, and my favey librarian admired my ensemble and then comped the movies (which usually rent for $2 apiece). Sweet! And my mani-pedi turned out gorgeous; my toenails are Extreme Violet and my fingernails are the iridescent pink of the inside of a shell.

As is our long-time tradition, I had lunch at Not Your Average Joe's with Mrs. Cynicletary (free birthday entree! free birthday dessert!), and we then went to a matinee of Hope Springs, with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones (love!). And it was especially fun, because we went to West Newton Cinema, where I used to work, and I was telling Mrs. C all about the man I loved and planned to marry before I started working there, but alas, it was not to be, possibly because of his love for the boys — and then who should take our tickets but my very own Mr. Not To Be! It was so fun to see him again. He took in my sash and blinking pin and said, "Gee, Lady C, I feel like today's a special day of some sort, but I'm just not getting it."

And then I was in a reminisce-y mood, so I drove Mrs. Cynicletary by the house where I used to be a nanny, just a few blocks from the theater — and saw two cars in the driveway. My Nanny Mom and Nanny Dad were home! So I ran it to say hi to them, which was mega fun; I haven't seen them in a while, though we faithfully send birthday cards, so they knew today was my Big Day. Of course, we're all in denial about how old we all are. My Nanny Kid is 28, a big finance guy in New York. The mind reels.

Presents at Mrs. Cynicletary's with her husband, Handsome D, and then back home to my darling family, Thai food, more drinks, and lots more presents! (Oooh, I just remembered: Martini's friend Nonstop's mom brought me an Edible Arrangement! I haven't seen it yet, it's in my fridge, but a chocolate-covered strawberry sounds delicious right about now.)

Mimosa and I had planned to watch Harold and Maude tonight, but two things derailed us:
  • After I got home from the movie, the phone rang. It was Mr. Not To Be, saying, "Did you lose your wallet? We've got one here with your driver's license in it." (Is that not the funniest way of saying it? Like, NO, that's not mine! What are you trying to pull?) So, whee! another trip to West Newton! Which is not exactly next door to Arlington, let me tell you.
  • I had so many presents to open! This, my friends, is a quality problem. I also had a long letter from Lady Darcy to read, always the best present of all.
I'm still game for a movie, but my daughter says it's too late. C'est la vie.

To everyone who sent me a card or a present or an e-mail or who called and left a message: Thank you, thank you, thank you for remembering me today. I felt enveloped in your love and warmth and good wishes, all day long. This was a marvelous way to begin my next decade!

Shall I clean up the detritus from my presents now, or save it till the morning? That is the question I am facing. What would a mature 50 year old do?

Stay tuned!

Love and kisses to you ALL,

Lady C — fifty, flirty, and oh-so-fabby!!

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