Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 358: The Road Is Long . . .

My birthday excesses + a day of sitting made my weight zoom up by seven pounds!!! Time to get back on the virtual treadmill. And my day is off to a good start: Mimosa and I arose at 7* to do our run/walk, and then I lifted weights and worked my core (my Plank time is back down to 20 seconds, mostly because I haven't been doing it, mostly because I'm a big chicken), and I will stretch before I shower.

And though I did eat a piece of coffeecake for breakfast, I also had a ripe nectarine — sooooo good! What is yummier than a perfectly ripe nectarine? It really is my favorite fruit, but it is so hard to find a perfectly ripe one; when they're picked too early, they get all mealy. I almost never buy them any more because I've been so disappointed. But these smelled delicious at the farm stand, so I took a chance.

So, yes, I'm back to the exercise — but as far as the eating goes, I have a kitchen full of pie. What is a girl to do????

I'm very happy right now because I just got an easy-ish job for this week but it won't be ready till tomorrow, so, yay! free day! And the job I was supposed to do got bumped to Friday, so, yay! more money! It's the best of all worlds.

While I ate my nectarine, I amused myself by reading old blog posts and reveling over how things have changed in just a year. Then Husband walked into the room:
  • Husband: Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt you.
  • Me: 'S okay, sweetpea, just reading old blog posts.
  • Husband: Aren't they great?
  • Me: Yep.
  • Husband: You've come so far!
  • Me: In this one, you're coughing and I'm about to throw something at you.
  • Husband: [pause] I've come really far, too.
Plans for today:
  • Put away my birthday gifts
  • Write thank-you notes
  • Call my aunt (my uncle just died — not ready to write about this yet)
  • Mend (my good black skirt if nothing else)
  • Watch Ordinary People and Harold and Maude with Mimosa
  • Return some cans and bottles to the store (money!)
  • Take the kids to a diner for lunch
  • Make chicken and greens for dinner; empty the fridge in prep for tomorrow's CSA share
  • Bubble bath!
Sounds like a GREAT day to me. Time to get started!

—Lady C, Progress Girl

* Oh, this is such a lie. MIMOSA popped right up at 7 and was strapped into her sports bra and sneaks by 7:08. In contrast, I clung to my pillow moaning, "I HATE exercise!" and "WHY are we DOING this?" and pummeled my alarm clock from approximately 7:02 to 7:29 a.m. We didn't hit the bike path till 7:50.

But nonetheless: We did it. And I am exercise-smug.

(And I've got Adam Lambert singing Mad World in my head now, because it was the last song I listened to on my iPod. A kitchen full of pie and a head full of Glambert. Quality problems, man.)

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