Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 359: Sangria? Coffee? Or Both?

Just got home from zumba, am soaked with sweat, and will be bubble-bathing in, oh, 10 minutes. Now, which beverage should accompany me to the tub (along with a gallon of ice-cold water)? That is the question I'm facing.

Today I tried to follow the adage "lunch like a king, dine like a pauper" (that isn't it exactly, but that's the one I followed). Everyone was too full after yesterday's late diner lunch to have a big supper, so I put the thawed chicken in the fridge for another day . . . except, I've got zumba the next two nights and don't tend to cook a big meal, and I wanted it out of there before then. So today we had a simply enormous lunch: sautéed chicken breasts, a Caesar salad with locally grown Romaine, toasted banana muffins, a fresh fruit plate, and veggies with spinach dip. For my pre-zumba dinner, I had some edamame, a nectarine, a fat-free raspberry Greek yogurt, and a handful of Trader Joe's Sweet & Salty Trek Mix, which is so freaking good I curse the day I discovered it (because it is also so freaking high in fat and calories, but what can you do). And now it's 8:41 and I'm not hungry in the least, so I think this was a good plan.

Tomorrow I have paying work in the morning, and in the afternoon I'm submitting Novel 1 to the publisher's version of an open casting call, which Sister Hart alerted me to. This publisher is looking for compelling new middle grade and YA books — fingers crossed! A busy day, in other words.

Today was more chill; I wrote thank-you notes and talked to my aunts and took Mimosa to the library and picked up our CSA. I've got a basket of tomatoes and a basket of peaches and must contemplate what to do with a basket of each, particularly when I'm the only one in the house who really eats either. Tomato-peach chutney? Hee. (I do make a killer roasted tomato soup, though it's not exactly soup weather, but that recipe uses a ton of tomatoes. Maybe I'll make it and freeze it?)

Off to the tub! I'm reading The Candidate (or maybe it's called The Selection — or for that matter, maybe it's called something else; now that I'm 50, I can't keep anything straight, and titles were never my strong suit, as you well know — anyway, it's something Brunie recommended, though I am skeptical about her recommendations now, since the last book she recommended, Ripper, she never even read) . . .

Wait, what was I saying? I've got a good book and a stack of magazines and so much new bubble bath (thank you, my friends!) you can't even believe it. So much to celebrate! Sangria it is.


—Lady C


  1. Re peaches: look at this crazy cool recipe I found! I'm planning to try it as soon as I get some honeycomb: http://www.yummymummykitchen.com/2012/07/individual-whole-peach-pies.html

    I hear there's a store called Follow the Honey just outside Harvard Square, so I'll be seeking out honeycomb on Friday and trying this this weekend!

    - SDF

  2. Lady V for VictoryAugust 15, 2012 at 1:32 AM

    Trader alert: Do NOT try Nuts About Raspberries and Chocolate trek mix. It is beyond great.

    If the tomatoes are cherry tomatoes, I'll send you my spiced tomato jam recipe.

    Do a peach salsa: a little green onion, some hot pepper, maybe cherries or grapes or pineapple.

  3. My dear sleepy friend, The Next Mrs. Kerry, those little pies are ADORABLE. Let me know how they turn out. I've never handled honeycomb in my life -- fascinating! OF COURSE there is a store in Cambridge devoted to honey. I cannot tell you how this cracks me up.

    My dear KT, the tomatoes are HUGE, bigger than softballs. Does this mean they'll have no flavor? We'll see. But I am intrigued by spiced tomato jam. Is it sweet? I grew up with an obsessively canning mother so thus far have eschewed my own jam/chutney/salsa production -- but I am 50 now! Time to relinquish childhood grudges. :)

    So far, the peaches and tomatoes remain in their respective baskets. Perhaps today will be the day. Stay tuned!

    (Thanks for reading, peaches!)