Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 360: LOVE Teacher, LOVE Zumba, HATE Ab Work!

(This is the Dreaded Plank, by the way. And yes, I look just like this when I do it — take that to the bank, mister!)

I was a good girl and stayed for abs tonight . . . and you know what? It was terrible, as always, but I could do most of it. Like — three-quarters of it! Of course, I groaned and huffed and otherwise made a lot of noise (everyone else in this class is silent. My secret hope is that they find me charming. So far, no has expressed this opinion), but I could more or less keep up with everything the Italian Spitfire told me to do. And this, believe me, is new!

Of course, I still have a big marshmallow middle and a stomach flap — nothing's changed there. But still — progress? Of a sort? It seems like it is.

However, my Plank blew because my forearms were so sweaty, I slid right off my mat. I don't think I could've done more than 30 seconds, anyway; she had us do the Plank at the end of the other exercises, and my core had left the party by then. But I will try to do it every day that I'm in California (and get Mimosa, Mom, Lady Darcy, and my Aunt Lynda Carter to do it with me), and knock the Italian Spitfire's socks off when I get back. Goal!

Tonight she called me "sultry." I just have to laugh. I'm wearing a truly disgusting shirt — a navy tank top stained with white paint, which I thought I could make look better by painting over the stains with navy nail polish . . . Yeah, what you're picturing right now? It looks even worse than that. And I'm fat, frumpy, and fifty, also sweaty, and I also groan a lot. Loudly. Sultry? Not so much. But she makes me feel good when she says it. I told her that I pretend I'm Cher when I'm walking, and she said, "That's exactly the way to do it."

Tomorrow Husband and I are taking the kids to a minor league baseball game, which we've never done before. I'm quite looking forward to it! I'm no big sports fan, but I like being at a ballpark; as the one non-jock in a sports-obsessed family, I've certainly spent enough time in them. We'll have fun.

Dishes, bath, coffee, Medium, bed. I'm still reading The Selection and will finish it tonight. It's wonderful! Thank you, dear Brunie!

Blowing a kiss to you all,

Lady C, fat, frumpy, and sultry (apparently) on this New England summer's eve

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