Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 362: Welcome to My Produce Party!

Today I edited for five hours straight then headed for the kitchen; I've done almost nothing with this week's CSA share and I'm about to leave Husband and Li'l Martini for nine days — time to cook something for my boys. First I roasted almost all of the basket of tomatoes, and tomorrow night we will have homemade tomato soup and chicken sandwiches, which will be an easy and delicious dinner after chores.

And then I got busy. Tonight we had:
  • Sauteed greens: beet, spinach, arugula
  • Beets with horseradish vinaigrette (a recipe the CSA provider gave me; it was very tasty, but I'm not sure I liked it better than the other ways I have beets, namely, on green salad with goat cheese or with the horseradish sauce I discovered last Thanksgiving)
  • A medley of sauteed zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, purple onion, garlic, and fresh basil
All very yummy! We also had that fantastic bright-red Chinese sausage and some lovely soft Vienna bread.

And we are having two dessserts!! I had some aging bananas in the kitchen and I didn't want to make banana bread again, but then I remembered that my friend Sapphire Pen has a recipe for Banana Cake in one of my old Betsy-Tacy cookbooks — and then on the opposite page I saw a recipe from my friend the Benson Librarian for "Peaches and Cream Dessert," and as you know we have a basket of peaches . . .

So, two desserts, why not? It's fruit. !!!

I made the cake in a Bundt pan and frosted it with Brown Butter Icing. The peach dessert has a cakey bottom (made with vanilla pudding mix!) topped with chopped peaches and covered in a sweetened cream cheese and egg mixture, and baked till golden and yummy. Both desserts look and smell fantastic, and only the excellence of my filling dinner is stopping me from diving in right now.

Mimosa and I are finally going to watch Ordinary People tonight, and while I had planned to do some mending (actually, I think my mending, per se, is done; what I have left are sewing projects, like turning my dumpy navy dress into a cute summer shift, and transferring the appliqué from my tattered favorite pillowcases to new handmade pillowcases — things like that), but I've been on my feet for hours. Instead, I will probably drink the last glass of leftover sangria from my birthday and give myself over to the beautiful anguish of Timothy Hutton and Mary Tyler Moore, in their best performances ever (in my ever-humble opinion). (But seriously, if you have a different favorite TH and/or MTM performance, tell me! Because I was completely blown away by these two in this movie, and I'd love to know what your candidate is.)

Note how I am completely avoiding the topic of weight loss. I think I'm taking a vacation day. 

(Tomorrow Mimosa and I will get up early for our run/walk; it's a short vacation, in other words.)

Off to weep!

—Lady C


  1. The only other Tim Hutton movie I saw was Taps in 1981. It also has these actors, all pre-fame: Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, Evan Handler and Giancarlo Esposito. It's funny that TH was the much bigger star at the time and Cruise and Penn went on to really top him.

    Wish I could taste your peach dessert!

  2. Oh, sure, Taps! Tom Cruise freaked me out in that movie. Wasn't he kind of short and chunky? Would you ever in a million years have guessed that he'd go on to be this mega-star?

    I just looked up the ouevre of T. Hutton (middle name: Tarquin!) on IMDb, and my problem with titles is thwarting me. "Sunshine State"? Sounds familiar... or am I thinking of "Garden State" or "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" or "Mr. Sunshine" or something that sounds nothing like that but is also alliterative (a connection I sometimes make -- e.g., I'm born on the same day as Herbert Hoover or Calvin Coolidge, but I can never remember which one), like "Revolutionary Road"? I dunno.

    Anyway! Ordinary People is way better than Taps, right?!


  3. Yes, short, chunky, baby-faced Tom Cruise!! I liked Taps fine but I agree Ordinary People is better. But hard to watch. MTM is definitely amazing in it. Did you ever see A Face in the Crowd? Andy Griffith, Patricia O'Neal, Walter Matthau, Lee Remick. Andy was amazing in that, SO unlike kindly Sheriff Taylor.

  4. Yes, he's excellent (and scary!) in A Face in the Crowd. I also loved him in Waitress (with Keri Russell) in another against-type part. Plus, there's so much good pie in that movie!

  5. Silent Cal was born on July 4th, so you can remember thusly - I am NOT like Silent Cal, which makes sense because we do NOT have the same birthday. You probably would NOT have voted for Hoover but let's not mess up my nifty mnemonic device, okay? :-)