Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 364: Happy Birthday, Husband!

Today my darling changed his age, and we had great fun celebrating him all day. Bagels, presents, Mexican food, and he took himself to a crap movie that I would never want to see — all good. And still ahead: the season-ender of Falling Skies and some sweet bedtime snuggling. I think it's been a lovely birthday.

Plus — I made a pillowcase! Granted, it's one of the easiest things one can possibly make, two straight seams and a hem, but still; it turned out so cute, and I'm really happy. I'm bringing the second one with me on my trip, to finish in California.

  • Mimosa and I are getting up early to run/walk, before we sit on a plane for seven hours.
  • I have a handful of last-minute things to do (be sure to give Husband the CSA card, reschedule Mimosa's school pictures, etc.).
  • My blog is officially one year old! I'm sure I will have many sage reflections . . . which is kinda ironic, since I'm in the midst of a week of food and hooch orgies. But this too shall pass. (It is always easier for me to stick to an exercise plan than to a diet plan. I don't know why that is.)
  • I must pack, groan. I hate, loathe, detest, despise, and abhor packing.
  • At 2:30 or so, I'm off to the airport and will then be in California for the next 10 days! 
It is highly unlikely that I will blog while I'm away. I hope that I come home full of stories about a week of healthy eating and enjoying fresh California produce. We shall see.

I am so glad that my sweet honey was born. Happy day!!

Love to all,
Lady C

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