Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 365 (Year 1): A Very Good Year

Whee! A solid year of blogging under my (somewhat less solid) belt. Time to take stock.

Having just made it through Big Birthday Season, I have a new understanding of what prompted me to start all this in the first place. Our birthdays tend to feature excess. And because of that my weight's been up again, which is a drag, because I'd love to be able to say that I lost 40 pounds this first year (which, technically, I did . . . I just didn't keep it off). I started my journey at 287, and a year later I'm regularly weighing in at 252 — a 35-pound loss.

And I am definitely thinner. All my clothes fit better, and I'm wearing smaller sizes. (I'm bring two pairs of shorts to California for Mom to help me take in — the mending, it never ends!) Even my big fat face is longer and thinner, which is awesome.

I'm also fitter. I can briskly walk two miles or climb a steepish hill or pound out an hour of zumba without getting out of breath. I can do 60 bicep curls and 40 tricep curls with 5-pound weights. I can do 15 leg lifts and hold the Dreaded Plank for 25 seconds. OK, my ab accomplishments sound lame, but still — this is progress!

I have changed the way I eat in that I'm more focused on fiber and protein — my breakfasts in particular look different — and (Big Birthday Season aside) I eat at restaurants so much less than I used to. And when I do eat at a restaurant, particularly when I'm with my family, I am much less likely to order a drink. Truly, this is huge. To me, a margarita or a glass of wine was part of the meal; not having either was as unthinkable as not having an entree. But now I have Diet Pepsi with lime or seltzer or plain water and am happy as a cricket.

Truly — HUGE.

One thing that I think helped me early on but I haven't been able to maintain was making sure that I get a good eight hours of sleep. From everything I've learned about metabolism (particularly seeing Husband and his sleep mask), I know that adequate sleep is essential to weight loss. And yet (as Jerry Seinfeld used to say), Bedtime Me and Daytime Me have completely different attitudes about this. Bedtime Me wants to stay up and finish watching whatever I'm watching . . . just one more hour! Daytime Me hates Bedtime Me.

I've noticed that I'm more likely to want to stay up if I'm watching something on TV, and I'm more likely to fall asleep earlier if I'm reading. I am going to try hard to break my habit of late-night watching and do more late-night reading, and I think this will help in my effort to get more sleep.

(Because — and maybe I should have said this earlier — I don't want to sleep in. I want to get up at 7. I feel slothful and indolent and like a big lazy loser if I sleep much later than that.)

I'm thrilled to have found an exercise I love. I'm happy that I can enjoy treats and still lose weight — I think I'm much more likely to be successful in the long run if I don't feel like I'm depriving myself (which I don't — but I know that's why it's all going so slowly, so — trade-off).

And I do think my blog makes me more mindful, so I'm committing to another year of daily musings. If I keep going at the rate I'm going, I'll be at a good healthy weight in two more years.

Here's hoping!

To my Dear Readers: Thanks for being here. It really, really helps to have a band of cheerleaders in my corner, rooting for me. Your words of encouragement help me be strong and (as the Helicopter Moms say) make good choices.

Love to all,

Lady C, California bound!


  1. Lady V for VictoryAugust 20, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    Dearest Lady C
    Congrats, congrats. 35-40 pounds down.
    I am passing on to you something I learned first from an overweight boss married to a thin lady. "She tries very hard," he told me, "to not center family celebrations around food."
    Impossible, thought 211 pound I. Can't be done.
    But then, as stress piggybacked on stress in my life and the dread Burning Mouth Syndrome became my constant companion, I learned that my boss's wife was right. What matters is being together and having fun. Sure, a good meal, and I speak as a confirmed SF Bay Area foodie, is one of the good things of life. But Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners of broccoli, plain turkey and water are given redemption by spending that dinnertime laughing and talking with the ones dearest to your heart.
    It was then I learned that second piece of wisdom: Learn to like the things you CAN eat. Look how far you've come in learning that.
    And finally, it's so much easier in the long run to Just Do It, to stop making those excuses, woman up and say (flexing that soon to be existent muscle) "I CAN do this!"

    And you can. I'm with you on this ride baby. Just busted back through the barrier into the 150s: all those cute size 6s and 8s are waiting patiently, waving and crying, "Over here. Just 25 more pounds and you'll be back where you were two years ago. You did it once, you can do it again."

    Take my hand, Lady C, and we will stride briskly down the path to fitness. Can't say happiness, since we're already happy, but YOU know.

  2. It has been wonderful to hear the daily musing of your life and feel like I just had a long conversation with you about your life. But I also wanted you to know how much you have inspired me. Here's to the next year and perhaps I can report on my successes as well!