Thursday, August 30, 2012

Y2 Day 1: Many Time Zones, New Beginning

I know this numbering isn't exactly accurate, Day- and Year-wise, but it'll do. The last 10 days feel like an anomaly; today I'm starting afresh.

My trip might as well have been subtitled "Eat Your Way Around California!" 'cause boy howdy did we. And the most strenuous thing I did in Mendocino was turn a page or operate a corkscrew. But once I hit Chico (splat!) exercise became my friend again; during the four full days we were there, I took two long walks, attended two aqua-aerobics classes with Mom, did a lot of wall push-ups, and worked my core. And also played full-contact death-sport pool volleyball. I taught Mom my core exercise (which Mimosa calls "throw downs"), but she complains that it hurts her lower back; I don't think I have a convert. Still, I preached the virtues of weight-lifting and I hope she's listening; she's lost a LOT of muscle tone and has the strength of a kitten. She can't even open a jar. Pretty worrying.

I am ever grateful to my friend Sexy Em for teaching me that a "family visit" and a "vacation" are not synonymous. This trip definitely presented some . . . challenges. But it was also lots of fun, I read a ton of great books, and Mendocino continues to be one of my favorite spots on Earth.

The photo here is the view from our balcony at 6:40 a.m. I was always the first one up and had the balcony all to myself: me, a blanket, a book, and a cup of coffee, peaceful and serene. It was heaven.

Well, I did have one companion every morning. But he kept his mouth shut for the most part.

Mimosa and I didn't get back to Massachusetts until 3:30 this morning, so I'm operating on very little sleep right now. Today was consumed with unpacking, laundry, cuddling Li'l Martini (Husband got but a quick kiss; he's off to Hyde Park for four days. Oh, our glamorous jet-setting life!), catching up on e-mail, that kind of thing. I was surprisingly perky all day but now I'm fading fast. I probably should just go to bed, but I have to take a bath; I missed my tub so desperately! Bath, bed, and early rising; I will either coax Mimosa into taking one of our last run/walks before school starts next week, or head to the computer and turn around an editing job. Health vs. money — the eternal question.

Missed y'all!

Lady C, back on the Right Coast

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