Saturday, September 8, 2012

Y2 Day 10: Pigs and Hooch

I hate Chore Day. No one in the entire world works as hard as I do, and everyone I live with is a filthy pig. Even the cats.

OK, that's harsh and totally not true, but that's my mindset on Chore Day.

And then I remembered — alcohol! I should always have a glass of wine or two when I do chores, I don't care that it's ten in the morning. Wine makes me mellow. Though today I was out of white wine (I always seem to have tons of red, but white tends to . . . evaporate) so instead had a Skinnygirl Margarita. Did the trick!

It was just an annoying day, and I know my weight will be up tomorrow, so I'm going to get up early and take a long sweaty walk before Weigh In. I know it's cheating, but see — if I know it's cheating, it's totally doesn't count as cheating. Right?

I just watched the final episodes of Buffy Season Two (such a good show!!!) and will now take a bath. I'm still bleeding after Thursday's IUD removal, so that makes nine straight days of bleeding. So. Fun.

At least my house is clean. And I have clean sheets to look forward to. And two awesome-sounding new books to read, The Meryl Streep Movie Club and Dare Me. And tomorrow church starts up after a summer off, and it's always fun to see everyone again. So — everything's fine, really.

I still hate Chore Day. I will have to remember to start drinking earlier next week.
At what point do you all show up for my intervention?

xx Lady Chardonnay, bathtub bound

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