Sunday, September 9, 2012

Y2 Day 11: For the Love of the Cats

Crazybusy day!!

As planned, I arose at dawn and cranked out my hour-long walk. This is my 'hood route, not the bike path, so I'm not sure how long it is; I need to drive it and check the mileage. (I once had a pedometer, but it's long gone.) Then I came home and did wall press-ups and throw-downs, but to no avail; my weight is once again stuck at 252, no budging. Though given all the good food and hooch I enjoyed this weekend, that probably shouldn't surprise anyone.

Husband and I went to church, which was simultaneously a tad awkward (no one on the Parish Committee made eye contact with me, and I think I'm being punished for resigning) and wonderful (seeing so many friends after being apart for a couple of months). We do something called a Water Communion at our first Sunday back together in September, where everyone brings water from a place they visited this summer, and Kind Tina and the minister read aloud all the places the water is from. It sounds like it could be a huge snore, but it is surprisingly interesting and moving. I brought water from Mendocino, "my heart's home," and Husband brought water from the FDR Library in Hyde Park, New York. It's really cool to hear the places that had meaning for other parishioners.

During prayer, I decided that I would be overtly warm and friendly to all the ParCom folks, and if they decided to shun me, so be it. But I would take the high road.

Then I didn't see one of them.

After the service, our minister looked me squarely in the eye and said, "I'm trying hard to forgive you — but I do understand" and then she hugged me, so I think we're okay. I knew she'd be mad, at least at first, but I'm glad she understands.

After lunch, Mimosa and I did more school-supply shopping — us and half of Arlington, it was crazytown — and then bought some things at Whole Foods (namely, pickling salt; I have a bag full of pickling cukes and I want to try making half-sours), Walgreen's, and Starbucks. All told it took two hours, we saw three dozen people we knew, it was very fun and very exhausting.

And then we went to Margarita's restaurant in Medford for an event supporting Kitty Connection, the source of our three current cats. Fifteen percent of our meal (including hooch!) went to the organization, and we happily obliged by filling the trough repeatedly. It was total fun. Plus, I saw and recognized the woman who originally housed Annabel, our big grouchy girl cat, and it was killer fun to tell her how her rescued kitty turned out. (Read: big, grouchy.) We hugged. It was all very cool. And delicious! Margarita's makes outstanding fish tacos and guac, and I dined like a queen.

Sounds like I'm skipping Weigh In yet again. Oh, well! At least I exercised.

(I'm not sure I've ever done my walk before church before, but time-wise it worked out very well. Something to keep in mind for the future.)

Tomorrow I'm getting my yearly physical, and then hopefully no more doctor's appointments for a while. Except I desperately need new glasses and am also due for a full-body check at the dermo's. Oh, health — how much time you consume!

C'est la vie.

—Lady C, health maintainer

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