Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Y2 Day 14: Anticipation!

Tomorrow my adored college friend J comes for a visit! I've known she was coming for a while now, but I've been too crazybusy to really stop and think about it — but today we talked on the phone, and now it's real and I am so excited!!! We've been friends since I was 18 and a dopey college freshman.* She always says she's amazed we're still friends, but I say, We're both awesome, why wouldn't we be? I am so so so psyched to see her.

However, I am counting on the "old friendness" of our friendship to make up for the fact that I have not deep-cleaned the house, nor asked Husband to mow the lawn, nor weeded the front garden, nor washed my car, nor stocked the cupboards with anything particularly tasty . . . and I also may have to work a little while she's here. But I am confident that I can make her some good coffee (or a good cocktail, depending on which side of noon we find ourselves) and point her toward my bookcases, and she'll be fine. I do have a kick-ass dinner planned for tomorrow night, and I am very excited to introduce her to Ward 8s, one of my favey cocktails, which I know she will love because it's very Manhattany, and she loves Manhattans.

Oh! We will have such fun!

We'd hoped to coax Zanzibar up from New Jersey, but our little hippie friend grew up to be a school superintendent (who'da thunk?!) and she has just a few things on her plate these first few weeks of September. Alas.

Back to our long-running drama, Days of Lady C's Uterus. Things are much calmer today, though I'm still bleeding like I've been stabbed. But I'm having only minor cramps, and that is huge. And my nose isn't running as much either, though I did sneeze 14 times — make of that what you will. (I think I'm allergic to my workspace.)

Since I had to miss zumba last night, I went to my old Wednesday night class, with all the elderly foreign ladies, and it felt so good to move and sweat and shake my groove thang. At the risk of sounding like a tampon commercial, there really is nothing better than exercise for cramps. Though Motrin and a bubble bath are a hot second.

Time to climb into the latter; I am one stinky girl.

My weight seems to be stuck again, but I'm ignoring it. This week and next are Xanadu, that's all; I can't put my mind toward anything but getting through each day and keeping all four Chardonnays alive. And if I've done that, I've done my job.

Time for bubbles — and the Fall Preview issue of TV Guide! I am one contented kitten.


—Lady C

* Also flirty, and a little drunky.

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