Friday, September 14, 2012

Y2 Day 16: Busy, Happy, Well-Fed

Second day of J's visit, and a whirlwind of activity!

First I had an interview for the math coach position I want — part-time, better-paying than other school jobs (albeit less than half what I make editing), fun, and will have me home in time to be here for the kids. The interview went very well, but there are six applicants for three positions, and my potential boss says, "You all seem great; I'm going to have to choose the first three who applied"  . . . and then didn't tell me whether I'm #1–3 or #4–6. I'll find out next week, I guess!

Then I updated the Policy Handbook I'm working on for church (the person I'm doing this with is very anxious and keeps wanting me to make tons of tiny tiny microscopic changes — whatev) and had a phone meeting with this week's editing client, who's both very sweet and very dopey; she had lots of questions for me about what I'd done, and I was a little nervous about having to go through every page with her and explain how editing works. But it was painless — and she really is very sweet.

Then I made three pies, two for our church's Pie Palace at Town Day tomorrow and one for us, and peeling all those apples and pears took some time. J came back about this point (she'd spent the day roaming Boston and Cambridge, trolling Memory Lane) and we had margaritas and put our feet up while the pies baked, and she sprayed our feet with Body Shop Peppermint Spray, which was lovely and refreshing. I called Good Neighbor Anne to come over and drink with us; she declined any hooch (I do not understand this) but we had a lovely visit. I love when friends from different parts of my life can meet each other!

J and I had dinner at one of my favey little Mexican places, where we enjoyed some tasty chiles rellenos and a pitcher of sangria rojo and talked and talked and talked, and wound up the evening sitting outside Starbucks, where I greeted half of Arlington and felt very popular. Which I may have mentioned to J sixty or seventy times, I forget.

For our final task of the night, I drove the route that I usually walk and J recorded my mileage. I now know that my walk around the 'hood is 2.35 miles. Respectable!

We're home now, eating apple-cranberry-pear-streusel pie (so. good!) and J is reading People. People and pie, what more could anyone want?

I am so sad she's leaving tomorrow — it has been an exquisite visit.

However, one may note a conspicuous lack of exercise and low-calorie eating in my reports of the last two days. I don't like to point fingers, but I think it should be clear to anyone that J is making me fat.

(I thought I had to babysit tomorrow but the family has been felled by a stomach bug — and the first thing out of my mouth upon hearing this news was, "I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow! Let's make pancakes!!" You see the problem, right?)

My plan is to get up earlyish and take a long walk (2.35 miles!) and sweat. We'll see . . .

TGIF! And Happy New Year — L'Shanah Tovah — to all who celebrate.

—Lady C

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