Saturday, September 15, 2012

Y2 Day 17: Political Scientists at Play

So I'm all sad because J left, and believe me — Chore Day was not the cheerful distraction I needed! I guess it's good the house is clean (cleaner), but I still miss my friend.

I didn't take an early walk but I walked after doing chores, and then lifted weights and did my throw-downs. It felt good to sweat — but I still miss my friend.

Why can't all my friends come live next door to me????? Or in my basement????? That would be awesome.

Tonight Husband and I went to a party at his department chair's house; Husband is a tenured professor at Northeastern University's Political Science Department, and his colleagues include former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. Husband was untenured when I met and married him, so it was a huge source of anxiety in our lives; where would we be living in a few years??? But it all worked out, obvs.

Anyway — given my new realization that I really generally dislike parties, I wasn't psyched about this one at all; I told Husband that I planned to sit in a corner and read (and I did in fact bring a book), and he said, "Whatever you need, honey, I will bring you drinks" — is he not the best?

But it turned out to be amazingly fun — mostly because I'd forgotten (because we haven't all gotten together in a while) that most of these people are very old friends whom I've known for 20+ years. And the ones I haven't known that long, the junior faculty, the kids — well, they're untenured, they're busy sucking up to me.

It is AWESOME to be the suckee instead of the sucker, I'll tell you that!!

And the food was sublime and the wine was plentiful, and I ended up having a truly magnificent time. And apparently we're having the junior faculty over to dinner in a few weeks. Oh, and I was also quoted as saying that I am my husband's geisha. You know — whatev. People say stuff. That's all I'm saying.

(OK, remember when I mentioned that I spilled a glass of water on my keyboard last night? It has taken me three days to type this much. Once again, I need a new keyboard. But this time, it's not the fault of alcohol!!!!)

(Um, progress?)

Tired now. Time for bathy!


—Lady C, suburban geisha

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  1. For the rest of Lady C.'s's my side of the story of our visit together last week...sometimes, a rebuttal is required!

    I am not making her fat. She makes these delicious meals -- tasty turkey with cilantro pesto, Grandma’s Rice, pie for dessert, pie for breakfast, sure! All too yummy. What is a person to do but be polite and eat?

    Three things to warn you all about the drinks menu:

    1. Ward 8s are DEADLY. I’m sure that if Lady C’s discerning eye didn’t see that I could only handle one, I would have toppled over.
    2. Lady C will succumb to your desire to start the cocktail hour most anytime in the afternoon if you just ask her. She’s very accommodating to the need to recuperate from exertion.
    3. Despite her name, Lady Chardonnay doesn’t always have chardonnay in the house. I know, what’s up with that?

    Lady C doesn’t believe in coddling her guests. She only lets you sleep in until 8:30 or 9 am, her guest bed cradles you like a baby, and while she offers you curtains to put up between you and the living room, her family refuses to peek in while you wake up. And coffee is ready as soon as you start stumbling around.

    There’s no entertainment. We all know that Lady C can’t tell a story to save her life, so there is no laughter, no nodding in amused agreement, nothing. I can’t tell you the number of hours we spent just staring at each other because we just didn’t know what to say. And man, talking to Mr. Lady C? He won’t answer questions, he won’t tell you what is going on in the world, and he won’t indulge your lame conversational gambits by helping you think you are at all smart.

    Luckily, their house has one of the best libraries around – lots of YA books from my YA years, all calling to be re-read upstairs plus a deep library of interesting titles downstairs.

    Our dear Lady Chardonnay refuses to transport you anywhere. Okay, she did make 4 trips to the Alewife Brook T station in less than 48 hours, and drive me to a delicious dinner, but really, how much out of the way is that? And she had the temerity to act like it was no big deal, chauffeuring me around.

    But here’s what I remembered about Lady C: I’m really lucky to have her in my life. And I should be better about having her in my life more often. Thanks for the great visit. And Good Neighbor Anne, Mimosa, and Lil Martini…wonderful to meet you (again, in some cases.)