Monday, September 17, 2012

Y2 Day 19: Too Pooped to Blog — UPDATED with math and a birthday!

I did 17 errands plus more yard work today, and I think the cold that's been flirting with me for a week has finally declared its intentions. I need to get to bed, pronto.

More tomorrow, I promise!

xx Lady C

p.s. Here's a golden oldie for you: me at 14 with my family during a December 1996 reunion in Wewoka, Oklahoma. I'm sure that anyone looking at this nerdy Dorothy Hamill-wanna-be could see the glamour girl just bursting to get out. Right? Right?



Apparently I was too pooped to do addition as well. I was born in 1962, hence my 50th birthday this year, so this picture is from 1976 — the Bicentennial. Happy birthday, America! Believe it or not, I was even less attractive and more nerdy in the previous years (my grade 6 and 7 class pictures could scare small children); by ninth grade I was slooooowly moving out of my awkward age and then emerged — a swan! — in tenth grade.



Happy birthday to my dear friend the other Maybelline Queen! (though, she writes, "I have stepped up to Estee Lauder with [Sweetie's] yearly Macy's Gift Card." La di da!) MQ was my first besty when I worked at Planned Parenthood, and Bride Boy was the second. So many fun memories!! Anyway, please join me in raising a glass (or several) to a truly bodacious blonde bombshell!! 


  1. You MUST mean 1986... right?
    Or is this you just one year before the birth of your lovely daughter?? ;)

  2. I hope she means 1976! -J.