Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Y2 Day 20: Ben and Me

Today I had my long-awaited eye doctor appointment — my glasses look AWFUL. (The lenses are coated with something that keeps them from glaring in photos, but the coating's only guaranteed for a year or two, and I've had these glasses at least four years, so it's wearing off and makes the lenses look filthy.)

My vision has changed. For awhile now I've survived happily by wearing my glasses for distance and removing them when I need to see up close, but lately, after I've been reading close-up for a while, it then takes an hour or so for my eyes to be able to focus on distances again.

I knew that bifocals were in my immediate future, and I'd made my peace with it.

My beloved eye doc just retired so I met a new guy today, and he is so very Aspergery he cracked me up. No handshake, minimal eye contact, no chitchat — but honestly, I'm fine with that. Hi, Doctor, let's get right to the point! And actually, he was very kind and gave me great advice for getting used to bifocals. Step 1: Watch TV and read a book — up, down, up, down, from the safety of a chair. Step 2: Wear them in a grocery store — again, up, down, up, down, with a grocery cart to lean on. This strikes me as brilliant. Dr. Get to the Point is a genius.

I took my spanking-new prescription straight to the optical shop and tried on many, many pairs, and I'm quite pleased with what I settled on. I'm going to re-use my regular frames with just the prescription for distance (I think I'm going to want a "normal" pair), and then my bifocals will be these very cool rimless glasses, making my eyes more visible than they've been in years. And given how fancy I often get with my eye make-up, it will be nice to have it show!

Anyway. It will be an adjustment, but I feel okay about it.

In other aging news, I've been talking all day with my colonoscopy contact person; they were very slow to send me the prep info, and it turns out that I've been eating all the wrong things (fruit, nuts, salad, raw vegetables, popcorn — I hit 'em all!) for the past few days. She says I'll be fine, though, as long as I stick to the diet (MEAT and CHEESE, as far as I can tell) from here on and drink plenty of fluids. I'm just so excited, I told her. I wish I could start voiding now. She laughed and noted that that wasn't the usual patient response. I am totally going to be Miss Colon Congeniality!!!!!

I did zumba tonight and felt tired and ancient. I think I haven't been exercising enough, maybe. Or . . .  perhaps two glazed donuts and a cup of coffee were not the ideal pre-zumba dinner.

(I know. Don't yell at me! But after my health-oriented [but colon-troubling] lunch of poached salmon with salsa verde and arugula salad with roasted beets and goat cheese and only balsamic vinegar for dressing, I was so hungry by 4 p.m. and dying for something sweet and warm and chewy, and dear Husband went to Ohlin's and got a box of donuts. Yell at him.)

(No, don't, he's so sweet. Just — pray for us. That'd be good.)

I'm going to go watch the DVD that Husband made for my Uncle Bill's memorial service, and probably weep a little, and then I'm tub-bound.

What a crazy-busy week it's been! And it's only Day 2! Yowza.

Head-swimmingly yours,
Lady C

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