Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Y2 Day 21: Nature Is Terrible In Her Wrath

We had a wild and crazy windstorm last night, windowsill tchotchkes blowing over right and left, bedroom doors slamming shut, and I found it all very exciting and entertaining — that is, until the ear-splitting crash and eerie flash of light around 1 a.m., which . . . gave me pause. I looked out our bedroom window and saw nothing amiss (like, my car was still in the driveway — what else could it be?) so went back to sleep . . .

. . . until we were all awakened at 6:30 a.m. by the Public Works guy, who asked us to move Husband's car (which he parks in front of the house — directly under, and yet somehow unscathed by, our fallen tree).

We've known the tree would go someday, we've been treating its poor diseased self since we bought the house 14 years ago, but I think the power lines running through it have actually given it some support. But last night it bit the dust — and hully gee, what a sight!

And truly, it's a miracle. It didn't hit Husband's car, it didn't hit our house, we weren't without power or cable or telephone service — I was pretty much stuck in the house all day, what with tree limbs and live electrical wires blocking my car, but it all worked out okay. I walked down the hill to Starbucks to have a breakfast meeting with Kind Tina, and was able to arrange for someone else to pick up Angel-Daughter, which I was doing as a favor to Good Neighbor Anne. So — a day of quiet work in my house. No prob.

Now I'm waiting for my foxy electrician to call me back, and tomorrow I'll call my tree guys to have the stump removed. And after our deductible, our insurance will pay for all of it. We just have to decide whether to plant another tree in that spot or continue the row of hedges — fun decision!

And, of course, there's tomorrow's other big event: I begin the official prep for my colonoscopy! I went shopping for supplies tonight and am SO EXCITED — but I'll report in detail tomorrow. Stay tuned!

—Lady C, who fully plans to experience the world's most ladylike and elegant colon blow


  1. Weirdly, we all heard some sort of crashing noise in the house two nights ago. We each thought it was caused by one of the other two but comparing notes we realized that none of us caused anything so we just thought it was something outside that had nothing to do with us.
    And then The Boy calls me to his bathroom upstairs, where the huge mirror over the counter had come unstuck from the wall and crashed down 3 inches onto the counter!!
    It did not break but now I need to figure out how to put it back. Bonus: we got to see a three inch strip of the wallpaper that was on the wall before. Ugh.
    And the whole tree thing happened to us when we first bought this house 3 years ago. We had a huge "branch failure" and the whole tree had to go, $1,100 later...double ugh. So sorry this happened but thank goodness the car (and all humans) came through unscathed.
    I'm not sure the words "elegant" and "colon blow" belong together in the same phrase but if anyone can manage it, it's you! Good luck!

    1. Love the phrase "branch failure"! And several months ago we also had the mirror crash -- twice -- as Mirrored Panel 1 then Mirrored Panel 2 broke off the medicine chest in our bathroom. We are living freakishly parallel lives!

      And I curled my hair for my colon blow. I was the Tina Freaking Louise of colon blows! I wish I'd taken pictures.... (maybe not)

      Happy anniversary travels! Ooh, we're about to celebrate our anniversary too! FREAKISHLY parallel!