Saturday, September 22, 2012

Y2 Day 24: Small Pretty Meals, Plus Some Pop Culture

So, you know how I was very blue yesterday over something fairly insignificant and how I also had a migraine? I always fail to connect these dots.

Yep — another visit from Auntie Flo! I only just stopped bleeding from my IUD's going-away party eight days ago. It's like being twelve all over again! Which is awesome, because I was one seriously hot and angst-free twelve year old.

(Really. Ask anyone. OK, maybe not my mom.)

Clearly I am in another weight plateau; I haven't seriously budged from 252 in a long time, even after my deep colon cleanse. The type of food I eat is not so much the problem (as evidenced by how much difficulty I had last week avoiding fresh produce), and while I haven't been exercising as much as usual, given the busy-ness of my days, in general I'm exercising a goodly amount. I think it's my portions that are killing me. So this week I'm going to focus on Small Pretty Meals — I may even go back to photographing them — and see if that helps.

Today I had a smallish bowl of whole-grain cereal for breakfast, and an arugula and goat cheese salad for lunch (the beets, sadly, had gotten slimy since I steamed them last week. I curse my Colon Cleanse [Utterly Beet-Free] Diet!), and I'm looking forward to turkey pie, red hot apples, and Caesar salad for dinner — a small lovely plate. And lots and lots of produce (there are four veggies in the turkey pie, I believe — I made it last Thursday, during No Solid Food Day, and let me tell you how much fun it was to taste it for seasoning and then spit it out).

In other news, after chores today I took an afternoon bath, always a treat, and read Entertainment Weekly. Here are my pop culture thoughts of the week, influenced by my reading:
  • Stars Who Annoy Me for No Real Reason, They're Just So Annoying: Bradley Cooper, Helen Hunt, Jessica Simpson, Teri Hatcher
  • Stars Who Annoy Me for a Very Specific Reason: Kirstie Alley and Cybill Shepherd, with their "Look at me! I'm sooo wacky! Look at me! Look at me!" desperation; Adam Sandler (who green-lights his movies? Who GOES to them??); Uma Thurman (looks like a bug), Jessica Lange (over-emoting hack who stole both her Oscars)
  • Movies I'm Wicked Excited to See: The Master, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Silver Linings Playbook, The Impossible
  • The Two Most Gorgeous and Sexy Women on Television: Christina Hendricks on Mad Men and Archie Punjabi on The Good Wife
  • Star Who Is Not Aging Well: Tracy Pollan, who was so adorable when we met her on Family Ties, but every year she grows thinner and harder looking. It concerns me.
  • New TV Shows I Plan to Watch: Nashville666 Park West, The Mindy Project (I will watch other shows because they come on in between shows I already watch, but I'm not excited about any of them. And do NOT say Tivo or DVR to me! Or, okay, you can say it, I'm not the boss of you — but I am not listening. Thank you for your kind suggestion, though, you're a pal)
  • Troubled Star I Most Hope Will Get Help and Recover: Amanda Bynes
  • Stars I Thought I Hated, Then I Saw Them Play a Different Part and Went, Wow — You Were ACTING!: Maggie Grace, David Ogden Stiers, Alan Cumming, Ed O'Neill
  • Stars I'm Convinced Are the Same Person: Wes Bentley and Joaquin Phoenix; Helen Hunt, Laura Linney, and Laura Dern
  • Stars I Loved Before Most People Knew Who They Were: Denzel Washington (A Soldier's Story), Meryl Streep (Holocaust), Jennifer Garner (Felicity)
And while I have no strong feelings about Kristen Stewart one way or the other (my BF Lady Darcy loathes her), I must say: I love her eye make-up.

The timer just dinged — time for my small pretty dinner! Which smells really good.

Bon appetit!

—Lady C


I can't believe I keep forgetting to publicly wish my dear friend J a happy belated birthday! (It was the 20th.) Many happy days to you, my darling friend. Come back soon!

(September is one of my Big Event Months; Maybelline Queen was born on the 17th, J on the 20th, my junior high best friend today, and both Lady Darcy and I celebrate our wedding anniversaries this month. Busy busy!)

Today was also my Uncle Bill's memorial service, so I expect a report from Mom soon. Everyone loves the DVD that Husband made. He is a mega rock star.

And finally: Just ate dinner. Had second helpings of both the pie (with mashed potato crust! so yummy) and the salad, but they were very very small.

The challenge continues.


  1. re: Lange: You're just a sad, jealous little Streep fan :)

    1. Oh, probably, but I've loathed Lange's affectations since high school, when I saw her in All That Jazz. It BURNED me that she and Streep had the same number of Oscars, esp. since Lange's are both big cheats. But then Streep won again, and now I can rest. :)

  2. This is how much I loathe Kristin Stewart: this whole blog entry was RUINED by the mere mention of her name. Ha! I kid!

    Our 21st anniversary is Monday (me and the hubs) but the 32nd anniversary of the day we first met (me and you) was yesterday.

    So happy anniversary(ies) to you! I am in Oregon right now, where I had (half of) the yummiest daiquiri with my Mexican food.

    1. I can't believe I forgot to mention OUR anniversary! It's always starred on my calendar. Thirty-two, whee! But apparently we don't get gifts again till 35, right? Coral is traditional -- that'll be interesting. Earrings? How becoming that color will be to me. Ha.

      Happy anniversary, baby! I honestly love you. Crazy little thing called love. (OK, I'm citing the wrong anniversary now, but you get the idea.)


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