Sunday, September 23, 2012

Y2 Day 25: My Dinner With a Famous Authoress

The Authoress of the Mother-Daughter Book-Club series was in town this weekend, and I excitedly offered to host a dinner party in her honor. Such an elegant soiree I had planned! I invited Brunie (who met the Authoress some time ago) and Sister Hart (who, with me, shared Juicy Lucys with her at the Betsy-Tacy Convention) and also Blogger Dawn, new bookstore owner who might host an event, perhaps — the books are set in Concord, after all.

But, alas, Blogger Dawn couldn't make it, and poor Sister Hart called in sick, and Brunie kept coaxing me to invite child after child (only a slight exaggeration), so my elegant adult dinner party kinda turned into a mother-daughter dinner, with Mimosa and two young guests: Brunie's adorable blondie god-daughter, and Elsa-Heidi-Gretel, the stunning 16-year-old German exchange student staying with Brunie this week (Brunie exchanged her elder son to the Germans), who seemed a tad nonplussed by our wacky highjinks (particularly when I gifted Brunie with a box of decades-old mini-pads — don't ask) but was a good sport and great fun.

I cooked all day, my favorite activity, and danced wildly in my kitchen to "From Fat to Fabulous: A Soundtrack," six CDs that Bride Boy made for my 50th birthday — and they are awesome! As is he. Though, as I told him, I fear that my moves are less like Jagger and more like Milli Vanilli.

(After dinner, we had Brunie teach us all how to move like Jagger, which was highly instructive. Though I have yet to put it into practice.)

Here's what I served:

Grapes, Olives, Nuts
Brunie's Very Expensive Dip*
Assorted Pretzel Sticks
Prosecco, Sparkling Lemonade

Lady C's Perfect Chicken
Macaroni and Four Cheeses
Braised Chard with Caramelized Onions
Carrot Sticks
Pumpkin Muffins
Apple Salad
Wine, Seltzer, Juice

Russian Cream**
Raspberry Sauce
Mocha Truffle Cookies
Incredibly Weak and Disgusting Coffee***

Everything (except the coffee) was scrumptious, and I have lots of yummy leftovers. And Brunie left me all her dip!! It is my favorite party leftover, I am a happy happy girl. Though, given my efforts to eat less, I shall have to divide it into teensy portions and parcel it out over, say, 10 days — it should keep that long.

The Authoress is a divine and twinkly and gracious guest, and it was great fun to see her again. And over all too quickly! (Possibly hastened by me saying, "You can leave with Brunie now or you can stay with me, but I have to do the dishes, I'm not going to talk to you or entertain you or anything.")

(You know, it really is a wonder that I have a single friend in the world.)

I wish I had a dinner party every night. And despite the abounding deliciousness, I didn't overeat or have a second helping of anything. Yay, me!


—Lady C

* It comprises cream cheese, chutney, pecans, and scallions and is INSANELY good. I think the chutney and the pecans are the expensive part. Oh man, is it good, particularly left over for breakfast.

** A firm white pudding. Brunie's favorite.

*** Brunie insisted that I "don't put too much coffee in the coffee." I did my best to oblige. She says it was the best cup of coffee that she's ever had in this house; I say it was swill. But we couldn't get blondie god-daughter (age 11) or Elsa-Heidi-Gretel to taste it and settle our dispute. Brats.

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