Monday, September 24, 2012

Y2 Day 26: A Surprisingly Awesome Day!

I think I forgot to announce: I got the job I wanted! I am the newest Math Practice Guide at one of our elementary schools, but I don't know when I'm starting. I also have an editing job floating in the ether, but it hasn't materialized yet. With no clear obligations I am not always the most disciplined person, but I decided that this week I would make my own obligations, devoting myself to a week of Good Industry and Serious Fun.

Starting with: exercise! I took a long walk (and had to laugh at the last song that came up on my iPod: "You're the Top," sung by Cole Porter, which suddenly made me miss my sleepy friend Mrs. Susan Kerry very much, because I knew that she especially would enjoy the absurdity of working out to Cole Porter — so my new wish is that Susan will come to Arlington and take long walks with me; we can stroll arm in arm, belting, "You're an O'Neill drama, you're Whistler's Mama, you're Camembert!") and then came home and did everything: The Plank (30 seconds, skinnybitches!), bicep curls, tricep curls, side extensions, shoulder therapy, throw-downs, wall push-ups, and stretching! I am so healthy, I should be on a Wheaties box.

I had a small pretty lunch, then wrote my weekly recap of Downton Abbey (I'm "joining" in a "group" watch of Season 1 of Downton right now, we're cramming for Season 3, and in theory there are dozens of us taking part — but I'm the only one who ever says anything; still, I can talk to myself till the cows ring the doorbell, it's all good) and made labels for all my awesome new CDs, thank you again, Bride Boy!, and had a phone meeting at 1:30 that turned into the most interesting editing job: a short film-noirish book about Jewish gangsters.

(One of my editing clients has a freelance gig; she read this piece, said, "Oh, man . . .", and called me right away. It desperately needs a good edit [and a rewrite], but I am the girl for the job. Of course, they have no money, so I've agreed to do it for a flat fee. But honestly? I'm having a blast. I can't wait to get back to it!)

(Jewish gangsters, who knew?)

I found out at the last minute that one of our favey restaurants was doing a benefit for our local library tonight, so we all hastened down there to eat well for charity. I had a single glass of wine, a big salad, and one small piece of bread. Yummy and satisfying. And we had a blast, playing our new favorite card game, Family Flux. I love my kids, I love my cute husband, I love my local community. Fun night.

And Husband and I made plans for our upcoming 19th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. The kids are home from school for Yom Kippur (I'm all about the Jews today! Thank you, dear Jews!), so we'll have a yummy breakfast together; then he goes off to teach and I'll probably work too. But then we'll meet up to see The Master and bring in Indian food — a perfect celebration, and one that our kids have a complete and total lack of interest in, so we can make out in the movie theater. Whee!

Tonight we'll watch How I Met Your Mother, which we all enjoy, even though I do NOT like Barney and Robin together and was rooting for Quinn, and then maybe I'll finish reading The Meryl Streep Movie Club, which I'm liking fine, I just feel no urge to read it when I'm not reading it. Which, I guess, is a bad sign. But I'm not that far into it yet, maybe it will heat up.

I'm drinking coffee, I had one small Burdick's dark chocolate, I'm done eating for the night, my weight has been down two days in a row.

I'm happy!

Sending love and good wishes to my besty, who celebrates her own wedding anniversary today, though she's ahead of me — 21 years for her and CPA Boy. Cheers!

Ooh, I can edit for 15 more minutes before my show starts. Back to Bugsy!

—Lady C, slightly obsessed


  1. Awww, I love that you're working out to Cole Porter! I think there should be a whole Cole Porter workout mix. Look at all the ideas in this list, for instance:

    Strolling, Exercise, Too Darn Hot, Can Can and the immortal The Zip Cornwall Cooch! Just for starters. Actually, jokes aside, the man had rhythm, right?

    Lady C., I sometimes miss a flock of days and catch up on them all at once, but I'm always thinking of you on some level and how your journey is inspiring my own. Thank you for this blog! Also, I did get to see Senator Kerry endorse Elizabeth Warren last Monday in Davis Square. It was like four minutes from my house, they couldn't have made it more convenient for me unless he endorsed her on my porch.

    I would love to do some power walking with you sometime! I'm not sure I could keep up with your zumba-fit, plank-ready speed though. :-)

    Her Sleepiness

    1. If we're singing, I'd have to go slower anyway.

      "I'd like to fool with my baby tonight / Break every rule with my baby tonight / But pillow, you'll be my baby tonight / 'Cause it's too darn hot!"

      TOTAL FUN.


  2. On behalf of all Jews: you're welcome. We're thrilled to spend a day in prayer and fasting so you can have a nice anniversary. Really.

    - Jessica

    1. Yay - so, win-win!!

      (I hope you had a good fast. And I KNOW you had a magnificent meal after, likely with your delicious fresh bread.)