Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Y2 Day 27: Kickin' It Gangnam Style

Another perfectly lovely day, though I didn't do much:
  • Finished editing the Jewish mobster piece; the client seems happy. We'll see what the writer says. He's one of those writer who wants to put in every single interesting fact he knows, whether it's relevant to the topic or not, so I fear that my suggested edits will feel like stab wounds. 
  • Ate small pretty meals. Two of them included chard.
  • Picked up our CSA share. Plum tomatoes! Wax beans! Fresh beets! I also bought some more Chinese sausage, YUM. 
  • Rubbed Vaseline on my cat's swollen lip. Vaseline cures everything! And I really want to avoid a big vet bill if possible. We'll see how she responds to TLC at home.
  • Went to zumba, where we did a new routine to "Gangnam Style." Ridiculously fun. I felt so hip.
  • Called Mom, heard all about Uncle Bill's memorial service, which sounds like it was lovely. These are the times that I regret living so far away. It would have been nice to be with my family. Having said that, while I adore all my aunts and uncles, I'm really not close to a single one of my cousins. Other people talk about having sibling-like relationships with their cousins, which has always been so foreign to me. I'm not drawn to a one of 'em.
Soon I'll be in a lovely hot tub, with two new library books (including the latest Alice book by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, yay!). I also have the M*A*S*H season that includes the one about the guy who thinks he's Jesus, which I've never seen all the way through. Fun fun fun!

And my weight was down again this morning, third day in a row! I'm on such a good roll.

Off to the tub!

—Lady C

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