Saturday, September 29, 2012

Y2 Day 30: My Evening of Cul-chuh!

Last night, Husband and I sat front-row center and watched our friend Handsome D magnificently portray Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest. The entire production was excellent, but our friend commanded the stage like nobody's business. It was thrilling.

Every single time I see a Shakespeare play, I spend the first five to seven minutes going, "Nope — I'm not going to understand a single word anyone says." And then something happens, in either my brain or my ears, and it's like I suddenly know the language and all is revealed. And even though this happens every single time, I still spend that five to seven minutes believing that it's over, the magic won't happen for me this time. Funny.

Yesterday was another crazy day, where I went from thing to thing to thing, and I was just too tired to blog when I got home last night. You understand.

Highlights of the past few days:
  • I now have my bifocals. I am not used to them yet. It's hard to imagine giving up my "regular" glasses for a world that's blurry at the edges.
  • We went to Back to School Night at Martini's school and met all his teachers and climbed a thousand stairs. His math teacher cracked us up, saying, "I like teaching sixth-graders. By seventh grade, they're really snotty. Sorry, parents!"Husband salivated over the History curriculum; I had a similar reaction to English/Language Arts. Does our son appreciate the wonderful world of learning that is open to him? Ha. 
  • On their own, Mimosa and Angel-Daughter arranged an after-school date to watch Mean Girls and eat pizza at Angel-Daughter's dad's house, which involved many moving parts. Mimosa doesn't do a lot of after-school social stuff, and I was happy for her. and impressed that they worked it out. She's also loving her GSA club and has made friends with two boys there. Slowly, slowly, she finds her way.
  • I've been to two trainings for my new job as a Math Practice Guide. My boss is good-hearted but not well-organized. It also pays a little less than I'd thought, which is a drag. On the other hand, I think I'm going to love working with the kids. We have one more week of training and will likely start the following week. I still don't know which school I'll be in or what my hours will be. Que sera sera. 
  • I had lunch with Kind Tina on Thursday and Mrs. Cynicletary on Friday, always a joy, and though my weight had been down earlier in the week, restaurant food worked its usual "magic" and brought it back up again. (I also didn't have time to exercise either day, though, as noted, I sawed some branches.) Today I'm going to push hard; I'd love to have a good weigh-in tomorrow.
Off to get started with chores! Chores, church meeting, exercise, dinner prep, bath — that's my plan for the day. Oh, and call Handsome D and gush over him. He was amazing. He could be the next Denzel, I'm telling you.

—Lady C, starstruck

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  1. Your astute theater criticism is matched only by your prettiness and good taste in lunch companions. XO, Mrs. Cynicletary